Child-Of-GodThere is a difference between being a child of God and being a child of the devil. Contrary to popular belief there is a single destination to the children of God and the children of the devil. God’s children love God and the brethren. God’s children love their enemies and seek to share the love of Jesus in hopes they will love God and become his children.

The devil will offer you some pretty nice things while on this earth. Remember, he offered Jesus many things, if he would only worship him. Understand selling your soul for the temporary things of this life is stupid. You are not promised to enjoy them. You may be Christopher Reed in a wheelchair with money or have the wealth of Bill Gates who currently is a child of the devil, but to what end is the profit? To have anything your hearts desire only to end up with the reward set aside for the devil, is unwise.

Being a child of God is not always easy. Your flesh annoys and the temptations get old, but just like that retirement money set aside you will be happy in the end.

Be excited about being children of God and understand you can only be his children or the devils. There is no middle road or grey areas.

To him with ears to hear, let the ear be wide and the understanding fruitful.


7 responses to “CHILD OF GOD

  1. Wonderful words of wisdom Roger! Blessings my friend!

  2. For sure! In this walk, there are no grey areas.

  3. Very beautiful, there should be no difference in any color race creed, whatever we are all Gods Children, I was so un racist but we lived in a very racist community. in the 50’s and 60 and 70.s it was a tough situation..gee I have so many stories to tell about those times..
    loved your words!!!

  4. Nicely stated. May The Lord bless you and keep you…


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