The Lord is not a man that he should lie. If he said that he would never leave you or forsake you, it means never. That means when you find yourself in a hard place, he is still there. When those around you forsake you, he will never leave you. You can trust him. The God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac will be your greatest reward.

Please do not forsake him. Do not think your work for Christ is done in a vacuum and is vain, because only things done for Christ will last. You can take your reward to the grave. Are you hindered by financial debt? Trust the Lord in all your ways. Learn to attend unto his words. He will set you free, but you must be obedient.

God is love. His mercy endures forever and he protects his children from evil. Learn to love him with all that you possess. Attend to his words daily. When wisdom enters your heart and obedience is the action you take, wrong relationships will fall away. Bad financially decisions will fall away. His secret is with the righteous.

 Do not let anyone fool you into thinking you can continue in sin willfully without any negative consequences, they are lying. Satan promised Eve something contrary to God’s word and was removed from the Garden and had to get a real job.

Sin will always cause you to work harder than you need to. Remember, the wicked are being set up. Do not be foolish and think your promotion comes from man, it does not, it comes from God. He will provide for all your needs. He will do it. Trust me. Coming from a man with ADD. God has never failed me. But one thing I do when I hear a word from God is lay my will down and pick up his.

The other day a guy asked me, if I had my own mind, I told him no. I have the mind of Christ. If the word of God, the Bible, is telling me some action in my life is wrong, I repent and press. Repent and press. This is how you walk in the Spirit and go from glory to glory.

When you make excuses for sin, God’s ears are closed to your prayers. Do not let someone lie to you. The people of Nineveh was on God’s hit list for destruction, but when Jonah came and warned the people, God changed his mind about destruction, when God saw what they DID and how they TURNED from their evil ways, he relented and did not bring on them the destruction he had threatened.

He will be your greatest reward when you have faith to believe him and you are walking in the wisdom in which he gives.


5 responses to “HE WILL

  1. Wow,

    Roger this has to be the most divinely timed blog ever written.

    Going through a period of severe chastisement and re direction and suffering and loss VIA unwanted divorce.

    I experienced the truth of every word you wrote , and some how drifted from it.

    I only desire to walk through His doorways and not my own.

    May His Grace sustain me and make me righteous in His eyes again.

    • The beauty of God is restoration can happen at the last minute, its not ideal, but Samson asked for God’s forgiveness after his eyes were put out and he was imprisoned by the Philistines. A mighty man chained like a dog.

      But lifting his eyes toward heaven, his hair began to grow and his strength returned and he destroyed more Philistines at his death than while he was alive moving about freely.

      If we repent early and press forward in righteousness the legacy we leave behind can be a whole lot better.

      I am glad this touched you when you needed it. I am glad that you decided to comment.

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