maxresdefaultYou may have heard the words of Suze Orman on her segment “can I afford it” and heard, caller after caller, get Denied! Why is that? Why would someone who clearly does not have the funds to afford a trip to Tahiti even make the call? Is it because they need to hear someone of financial authority to tell them which way to go? Is it because they made a deal with the spouse that if Suze says yes, that they would go?

It could be neither or both. It may be strength seekers, which gather strength when they hear Suze loudly say, Denied! In any case, the Lord has given us something that we may use for discernment. It is called prayer. Have you acknowledged him on your decision-making or have you decided to go it alone? Remember, your view and God’s view is different. He can see the future and you cannot. He knows the destination of a bad decision and you may only know half of the consequences of this move.

God is not interested in stifling your joy, but making sure it last. Some bad financial decisions are easier to bounce back from and others are not so easy. Take time today to think. Is this financial decision good or bad? Ask the Lord and let his peace and wisdom guide you and not your emotions.


One response to “CAN I AFFORD IT?

  1. Wonderful message Roger!!!

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