7002It’s raining. April forgot her umbrella as she arrived at the mall. She must now make a dash inside. She decides to wait inside the car, hoping for the rain to let up before making her move. She sees a young man go inside and decides to make her move. Awaiting her sprint inside is a young man who holds the door open, so that she can get in quickly.

Smiling and responding to the young man with a thank you she walks inside. The young man asks, if she would be interested in the sale of the day. She asks, “What is the sale?” He tells her about this special sales card that gives her access to anything in the store half off. She looks at his store badge and says, “What do you need from me?” I need your credit history, name, home address, relationship information, place of employment, and drivers license.  She hands over the information with a smile and he uploads the data into the store computer. Within minutes he smiles and hands her the sales card.

April is now off to use the special card to make anything in the store half-off. She gives it a try on some shoes and it works like a charm. She gets so excited that she spends $1000 dollars within the store. With full hands and a happy face she leaves the store.

Now excited by the savings she decides to purchase a new car. After all the car she now drives is 5 years old. So she immediately goes to the car dealership and while speaking with the sales person she chuckles and says I wish I could use my half off card. The sales person pauses and looks into her eyes and says do have you the sales card with you? She pulls it out and leaves the dealership only paying half price for the car.

By now as you can imagine she is stoked about this newfound prosperity. She is acquiring all the things that she has ever wanted. She realizes the card works everywhere and is fully engaged in making the most of it. She buys a house and boat for half off. Her life could not be better. The only problem is she faces death.

April’s life will end and she will not be able to carry any of the things she is purchasing now into the next one. She will lose it all. She has not considered what will happen to her soul. She literally lives for the moment and does not consider her future.  She dies without hope.

How sad for such a precious life to be consumed of selfish lust. Thinking only what she could gain on earth she missed heaven.



7 responses to “SATAN’S PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE

  1. Made a good read! As long as the blood still speaks, devils plans for our lives is irrelevant

    • Satan’s plans are never irrelevant. Remember Samson? The blood speaks when mixed with obedience. Yes! Thank God for his forgiveness of sin, but our sin has consequences and the enemy does not stop attacking, just because you have the blood. We must ever be viligant or be deceived and punished. It does not mean you’ve lost your salvation, but you can surely lose joy and peace and add unnecessary suffering. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I think you might be interested in this post I wrote. It goes along the same lines as this one.

  3. judithsmarkworld

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  4. Not sure how April will die without hope because of this situation. Kind of dramatic – and why do you give up on her future progress?.
    Or did YOU give up on “her”?

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