Phillipsburg teacher allegedly fired for giving Bible to student, files complaint against school district


“A substitute teacher who says he was fired after giving a student a Bible filed a complaint yesterday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The complaint against the Phillipsburg School District alleges religious discrimination and retaliation.

Walt Tutka was working as a substitute teacher on October 12 when, according to the complaint filed by Tutka, he said to a student who was last in line, “The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first.”

After the student “repeatedly” asked where the line was from, Tutka told him the Bible. Tutka asked the student if he had a Bible and, when he said no, Tutka said he could have his and he gave him his Bible, the complaint states.

Tutka says he served his last day as substitute teacher on October 15 and alleges that Superintendent George Chando told him on October 18 that he was recommending Tutka’s termination because he gave a student a Bible, the complaint states. Tutka says he was dismissed on January 14.

The Liberty Institute, a nonprofit legal group dedicated to” restoring and defending religious liberty across America,” alleges that on March 28 Phillipsburg School District “refused to turn over emails and other documents” related to Tutka, despite an open-records request (via”

Should we as Christians be surprised by this behavior? Should we shake our heads in rage against the establishment?

13 responses to “Phillipsburg teacher allegedly fired for giving Bible to student, files complaint against school district

  1. Thank you for posting this! It is very interesting for a number of reasons:

    1. It is scary how little freedom we have
    in North America these days (I’m an American
    living in Canada)
    2. Even if we took a hypothetical secular/atheist approach, what is wrong with a teacher giving a student a classic of world literature?
    3. Even more simply, it’s a gift!!!! Is giving punishable by law now???

    I guess we should not be surprised, but I am daily amazed by the insanity that society has succumbed to.

    God bless you.

    • Are we approaching a day in America where renouncing Jesus will be a must to survive? The military Chaplain is already been warned about praying in Jesus name. What next?

      • What next? Persecution, perhaps. Or revolution (hopefully nonviolent). I know we should not scapegoat, but I blame ultra-liberal Christianity for giving the Enemy more space to work in. Concession is not compassion. At the end of the day, individual survival is not that important, though. Martyrdom was a reality Christians faced off and on in its earliest centuries. Our problem is often thay we think America (Canada) = The Kingdom of Heaven. May e we need to think of the Kingdom of Heaven in a new way. Personally, I think a new kind of Christian culture will emerge (and triumph). It will not look like Republicans or Democrats.
        It will not look like evangelical or American Catholic culture, perhaps. It may even borrow from both (cf. Taize, Imago Dei). Who knows? I am totally idly speculating here. PNevertheless, Christ will triumph, though, and thus so will Christians. The secular thing won’t work. What’s sad is the loss that will happen in the meantime because atheism, heathenism or distorted Christianity is claiming a lot of people inside and outside the church (some of whom were once close to me). That is what saddens and scares me most. Sorry this got long. God bless America (I mean that seriously). It’s a good country with much to offer the world. I guess these are just hard and confusing times.

  2. My question is, when did the Bible stop being a book? It is a fascinating piece of social history and contains a great amount of literary variety. Don’t we want our children to be interested in reading and finding ways to encourage it? Just because they read it, doesn’t mean they will believe it! Perhaps it would be different if it was Harry Potter – oh, wait, Rowling promotes devil worship.

    Having been a substitute teacher right outside of New Orleans, that job is extremely difficult and fraught with limitations – prayers Tutka.

  3. Curious. How would you have felt if the teacher had handed out a Qur’an?

    • How do you think I felt when my teacher told me that I came from a monkey? I felt nothing. Truth stings when you want to believe a lie, but when you believe and the know the truth, there is nothing left to shock you.

      • It appears that we are going to disagree on this one. Let me just say that there is a difference between a student bringing a Bible to read during his breaks – which is permitted and done quite frequently – and a government employee – which is what a teacher is – giving a student a Bible. My question about the Qur’an was an attempt to highlight that.

        As for evolution – that is science. You do not have to believe it if you chooose not to. However just as you learn Spanish in Spanish classes, geography in geography classes so to do you learn science in science classes.

        If it makes any difference, most people who acknowledge the evidence for evolution are Christians, there are thousands of evolutionary scientists who are Christians and several Christian denominations who have issued statements of support for evolution. Evolution and atheism are not the same.

        As for the pride in being stung by being taught that you descended from the same ancestors as modern apes, not sure why this is worse than being made from earth? If you are a Christian the creator is the same and there is a purpose still. Only the understanding of the methodology that God used differs in this case.

        Just something to think about.

  4. Roger, sadly this doesn’t surprise me at all. A lot of people need a wake-up call and ask themselves where are we headed as a nation? In an effort to show tolerance to all, we as Christians, are being stripped of our rights and freedoms (discrimination, yes!). Now, we are being told how to worship and pray – what’s allowed or not allowed to be preached across our pulpits? Really???? Land of the free??? People need to pay attention to what is slowly creeping up on us before we embark into a repeat of dark history.

    Everything seems to be okay for everyone else as long as it doesn’t have to do with church, Christ, or God. I have been personally offended at some of the “required” reading that has come home with my children from the public school system. Hopefully, we’ll start realizing the extent of everything that’s going on before it’s too late.

    Very insightful. Thanks for posting.

  5. So if the teacher had handed the student a book by Mark Twain or the Koran, I wonder, would have he met the same fate? How interesting.

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