God has a plan for your life.


In the Bible the story of Gideon is one of great inspiration and encouragement. Gideon was a man that honored and reverenced God and who’s heart was right with God. God knew his potential and God had a big plan for his life and sent an angel to him.

Don’t you realize that God has a plan for your life? Don’t you realize that you need to fight a fight in your mind and trust God when you feel insignificant or not capable of doing what God knows you can do?

The angel arrived and when Gideon was in his sight he saluted him and say, “Greeting oh great and mighty man of valor”…Gideon was chosen to lead one of the greatest battles that the Israelites would ever encounter.

When the angel told him the plan, I wonder if Gideon thought to himself, “hey, he’s got the wrong guy, here I am scrambling to find some food to eat and he’s calling me a great man”?

Sometimes we don’t see our potential as God does. He knows what we are capable of and sometimes it just takes someone to encourage us. I am encouraging you today, all of you. Ask God what he wants you to do, in fact everyday we need to ask him to ‘order our steps’…and he will.

What is in your heart? What is hidden deep down inside? Don’t think that God only calls us to ‘big’ things. Everyone isn’t called to be a ‘Billy Graham or a Mother Theresa’…no some of us are called to be mom’s and dad’s that pray and fast for our children. Some of us are called to be a prayer person for our brothers and sisters or aunts and uncles.

The pressures that we feel as Christians to constantly perform our Christian duties can sometimes be self-imposed. Let your heart lead you in the direction that is suited for you. Just be faithful to that leading and God will be pleased. Don’t ‘beat yourself up’ with condemnation; God knows how he wants to use you.

Be encouraged that all your efforts to live right and do right will not go unnoticed by the one to whom it matters the most, Jesus!

by Sheila (Guest Post)



6 responses to “God has a plan for your life.

  1. This is a very encouraging article. Certainly has stirred up my otherwise ordinary sort of day. It’s good to be reminded of my own passion, as a Christian Life Coach, to encourage others with vision, passion and destiny!

  2. men2men@comcast.net

    It helps to stay connected with people who see us in the same light.
    Again that VOICE that believes in the person God says you are.
    Create your own Master MIND Group- people you meet with regularly
    who will reinforce the Gideon call in your life

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