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Someone told me about a Christian defeated. I wondered who this man could be. I searched the scriptures ravenously and could not find where a Christian was not set free. I thought to myself if indeed this exist it must be outside the scriptures you see.

This man said, I saw churches destroyed and church homes demolished. I saw Christians placed in jail and even fired. Christians removed from the military and the Senate. I saw Christians mocked in the media and even losing ground on the moral issue of abortion and gay marriage.

I asked myself this man must be right. Christian’s have been defeated look at their plight. Really! Look at their plight. But out of the dark stood a man on the cross his name that continues to shake the nation. The name above all names. The King of kings and Lord of lords. He is the Wonderful Counselor and the Prince of Peace. Jesus is his name.

This man has accomplished what no other could do. He rose from the dead and set the captives free. See this man who said, Christians are defeated has forgotten that he has been made free.

Are you defeated? No! This can’t be. For into the grave shall all men proceed and those who know Jesus will wake up with everlasting life indeed.

9 responses to “DEFEATED?

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  2. This is fantastic, really important for people to remember those who go through trials have the crown of life waiting, we fight and we win! Always, not because of us, but because of Jesus!

  3. And to think that Judas sold over Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, the going price for a slave! I am always floored by scripture.
    Great article!
    God Bless

  4. I think I may have been deceived by a Christianity that valued doctrinal knowledge more than a spiritual/mystical experience. I even read John Calvin was such. They think mystics are manipulated spirituality because they don’t have insight into the Bible to know you can’t manipulate it-it has to be sought after. I overcame mental illness by stepping out in faith and facing my fears and above all else questioning anything in the church that I don’t agree with. In return I get condemned to hell by my old “friends” and a divorce decree wondering if my old spiritual mentors were even spiritual at all since they all had sickness (mental & physical) and addictions. I should have thought it strange that they went to church on Sunday but were always too busy to associate with their guy friends throughout the week. C’mon, the heathens have guy time for their porn, poker, and alcohol.
    God Bless,
    E Bishop

  5. First christian martyr in the Bible – Stephen (refer Acts of the apostle)

  6. Amen! We are never defeated! Persecuted? Yes! Abandoned? No! Defeated? No…they have us Christians confused with the enemy! The devil tries to tell us we are condemned, because he knows his future is in hell. Not ours! 🙂

  7. Howdy Roger, Rather new at all this and appreciate it. Enjoyed paging through your site as well. God Bless and take care.

  8. Good luck on your book. Soldiers do need Christian leaders they can watch as examples in their career. Thanks for fighting the fight. After 30 years of active service, I know the struggles can be tough sometimes, but you are never alone. You are in my prayers.


    In the natural it looks like we have been defeated. After 30 years on job getting ready to retire, the company goes out of business. Devoted husband wife becomes pregnant by another man. Children turn against parents who have devoted their whole life for their best interest. Best friend turns out to be a nightmare.

    They are all a part of The Human Experience. Who we are remain the same.
    “More than a conqueror through faith in Jesus”

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