ruthI am sorry your husband has passed away. I am sorry that I have nothing else to offer you. Please stay away from me and go your own way. I will not go away from you. I will not leave you in your time of heartache, seeking only my pleasure, I will remain with you and serve your God.

Your God and people will become my own. I will dwell in your land with you and become a part of your lineage.  Very well! Remain with me. Now listen to my words and become blessed. Because my words will follow the words of my God and he prospers those who are obedient to his will.

You may be at the verge of losing all. You may have lost it all. You’re choices thus far have served other gods and yourself. You come from idol worship and now you have chosen to receive a better portion. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has rescued many. He has saved and restored those who worship him. Those who turned away from wickedness have received his forgiveness and love. Becoming triumphant!

It seems the day I made the choice to obey and serve your God I have been feeling closer. Your God is a giver of life to those who serve and worship him. Your God provides and gives aid to the needy. He helps those who are outcast from the wealthy and those who appear wise in this world. I love your God! I am glad I made the decision to serve him. Thank you, Jesus, for providing your sacrifice for my sin and sanctification. I am feeling closer everyday.

2 responses to “FEELING CLOSER

  1. Best wishes to your kind self!

  2. Isn’t it wonderful that this ‘stranger’ called Ruth is the one through whom our Lord Jesus Christ came? Because of obedience…

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