bolsxyzSometimes your interrupted sleep may be an angel. It may be the prayer prayed or the fast you have committed to. Answer it. Get out of your bed and pray a short prayer of your desire. If your are with your spouse in bed, go downstairs, bathroom, or hallway. You need not take to long. The angel is busy. Pray and then go back to sleep. I assure you, the nudge you experience will be no more. Do not miss these opportunities.


9 responses to “ANGEL VISITATION

  1. Gentle whispers can be subtle nudges from the Divine. Great insight.

  2. Hi Roger
    Good advice, thank you!

  3. We talked about this in our Sunday School class a couple of weeks ago and found it interesting that it is often 3 a.m. when the nudge comes–the midnight watch–the time Jesus walked on the water–the time He asked the disciples to pray with Him in the garden. There is a definite connection. Thanks, Roger, for the reminder to answer the call.

  4. Thank you, these last two postings have been a blessing at a time of little sleep, intense anxiety and early morning waking. I slept til 5.30 this morning following many hours of prayer before falling asleep. Fixing my mind on him 🙂

  5. If I awake in the middle of the nite I ask the Lord who He wants me to pray for–I pray and praise awhile and then usually drift back to sleep:)

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