AAEAAQAAAAAAAAIiAAAAJGM1MzZiNDk2LTE4YjYtNDU3My04YmRiLTg2YjdlMWQzOGFiNwI have entered this world through the womb and have grown older with each passing year. Each year has been filled with good and evil, joy and sadness, success and failure. None of which defines me so greatly than to have a relationship with Jesus. Jesus will make the ultimate difference within my life’s end. I will hear “well done” or “depart from me.” Every individual will have this story. The only difference is that some will have more or less, good and evil, joy and sadness, success and failure in their lifetime.

A vision for the future should be filled with hope. A vision for the future should be filled with joy. A vision for the future should be filled with optimism.  A vision for the future should be filled with pleasure.

You should not allow society’s decay to change your vision. You should not allow the increase of sin and murder to discourage you. You should not allow the hearing of multiple affairs and divorce to change your vision.  You should not allow the lack of integrity found within our leaders to change your vision.

For the Lord’s vision is for you to prosper. For the Lord has prepared mansions and rewards for the faithful in Christ. The Lord has promised that those who meditate upon his word will prosper in their endeavor. Victory belongs to the faithful. God will not allow you to be destroyed. If God is for you? Who can be against you? Are you not on the winning team?

Then what should our vision be? Please comment below. Let’s make it a prayer.

15 responses to “VISION FOR THE FUTURE!

  1. Roger, thanks for the reminder to live victoriously. You are correct in stating God’s vision, His promise, for His children is prosperity. Let us remember that prosperity in His economy doesn’t necessarily equal riches in this life-although it may. Rather, we have the assurance of eternal treasure that far exceeds anything we could gain in this life, just as you wrote .My goal is to enjoy what I have while I wait for what I want (Tony Evans quote).

    • Every man also to whom God hath given riches and wealth, and hath given him power to eat thereof, and to take his portion, and to rejoice in his labour; this is the gift of God (Ecclesiastes 5:19). We thank God for present blessings and with faith filled hearts look for the New Heaven and Earth, where there is no night there.

  2. My heart dances everyday as I walk the path less traveled, and yet like a pied piper, i lift the praises from my heart loudly for all who have ears to hear to feel the joy of my words that He has blessed with His grace and love! I am but a begger leading other to the living bread! For the vision I have, i will always share everyday as you also do my brother and we joyfully do what we were called to do leading other beggers to the living bread! Awesome message brother Roger and God bless!

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  4. Roger, I’m really impressed with this blog. Have posted to my FB account and will link you in my blog as well! God bless ya, man! Hope your book does well!

  5. May I truly love my neighbor as myself and may I love myself as a vessel for God’s Divine spark!

  6. Wow, thank you! This is very encouraging! Society’s decay, and the increase of sin and murder is not to diminish our vision, but to cause us to run to Him who fulfills our vision.

  7. Amen! Well said! I also believe that our focus should be on Christ and His will and power to give us victory though defeat seems obvious! Remember: though we are in a battle, God has already revealed the outcome…WE WIN!

  8. christian men talk

    With out a vision the people perish.
    I am just beginning to experience and enjoy some visions that have taken THIRTY EIGHT YEARS. Going through was not easy. Was talked about and looked upon as being out to lunch. But God’s Grace was more than enough.
    Was it worth it “YES” Would I want to go through it again “NO”.

    Thou the vision tarry wait for it. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.
    Your morning may not take thirty eight years to come.

    • Yes brother! I pray for a quick work of the Lord Jesus, but rest in the full assurance “that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”(Romans 8:28). Your words are encouraging. I keep thinking joy, yes joy, comes in the morning.

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