Christian Soldiers

Look up. by Nathan O

This is for all those Christian Soldiers that our Commander and Chief, Jesus Christ, left behind to do His work until he returns to take us home and make this world like heaven. He said that He will never leave us or forsake us.  He told His disciples and us that He would send the Comforter (the Holy Spirit) to give us power to do whatever He commanded us to do.  Whatever our situation is, in this life, whether good or bad our Commander and Chief by the power of the Holy Spirit is right there with us guaranteeing our success.  Remember, when the pressure of life comes crashing down upon us our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said that we are more than conquerors in Him. I have to go because our Commander and Chief is calling me, but remember, Onward Christian Soldier!!!

by Roger (Senior) (Guest Post)

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  picture by  Nathan O’Nions

One response to “Christian Soldiers

  1. christian men talk

    What a word to start the NEW YEAR off in the right direction. Just like in the military, the soldier is required to OBEY his Commander. Our Commander & Chief paid the ultimate price for us. And yet he gives us a choice I can obey orders or disobey his will. I have control of my choice, but the consequences are out of my hands.

    Some times his orders will require you to pack your bags. It will send you to a place you never heard of. Just like God told Abraham get thee out to a place that I will show you. Abraham went not knowing where he was going. And he ran into a famine.

    Just talking to myself
    Brother Mike

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