Where Are You?

Are you hiding from the world? Are you sitting back and waiting to see what will happen? Are you hoping to escape this planet through excessive use of romance novels or television?  Are you waiting for your spouse to change before you do? Do you blame any and everything else for your problems or grief?

If you are guilty of any of these cheer up. There is a solution that I believe is helpful. The problem you face is central to living on planet earth. Welcome! Your arrival to planet earth was not your choice and many things you will face will be the same. Let me take your cloak and have a seat, as I share what things you will find on earth. I want your expectations to be proper and your solutions to be singular.

You will find immediately that all your desires will not be fulfilled in the time you desire. If you’re older than a week, you have already experienced this and have shed the accompanying tears. If you’re older than two years old you have displayed anger toward the guardian, parent or parents the Lord has provided. If you’re a tween or teen your girlfriend or boyfriend has disappointed you either by unfaithfulness or simply neglect. If you’re an adult you have been burned by various stimuli that has either made you fearful, bitter, or grateful.

Your introduction to the world is your introduction to sin. Sin is the breaking of God’s commands that produce in everyone’s life either immediate or future pain. If we desire our own way at the expense of God’s way, we commit sin. Do not be deceived your sin affects others. Even those you may never know. Need an example? Pornography. Sin is the reason we have lockers with locks. Locks and alarms on our home, car, shed, mailbox, and fence to name a few. This alone is enough to cause acute stress.  So why should I cheer up?

If you’re cloak is still off and you’re securely fastened within your love seat. Let me share with you some love. God wants you to acknowledge him in all your ways. Notice I used the word ALL. That means everything you do. Everything! Are you purchasing a home? Acknowledge him. Purchasing a wife? Acknowledge him. Women, if he cannot purchase the marriage certificate, I am telling you he is not ready. Are you taking out a second mortgage? Acknowledge him. Are you getting a dog? Acknowledge him. If you are unwilling to acknowledge him in all things, then do not be surprised by your bad decisions.

Sin will always exist while the earth stands until Christ returns. What makes the passage easier is acknowledging God in all our ways. This gives understanding to the words of Jesus when he mentions that his burden is light and his yoke is easy.
You do not have to solely rest upon your wisdom, but have access to his.

4 responses to “Where Are You?

  1. christian men talk

    As I was reading this I WAS SAYING TO MY SELF. I can not add anything to this. What can I this Brother has broken it down and made it plain. I kept reading When I got to these words–
    ” YOU DO NOT SOLELY NEED TO REST ON YOUR WISDOM, BUT HAVE ACCESS TO HIS”. I smiled to myself, BECAUSE I NEEDED THAT. And now I have something to say- “AMEN”

    Bro. Mike

  2. Hi dear Roger
    Thank you for this timely and timeless wisdom!
    Bless you

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