Have you been walking long? Running after sales and looking for the next product or toy for the youngster. Is your mind spinning in several directions and you want to sit down and rest? There is a cure. Sit down and rest.

No one is making you run around and be dismayed but you. No one is forcing you into the stores, to struggle, to get the last deal. No one is going to imprison you for placing your feet up in the love seat or recliner. You deserve to rest.

You have been working long hours and your feet are worn out. I know. I have seen the ash on the heels, yes, white women have ash as well, you need to rest. Rest is good. Just the other day, at the gym, a gentleman comes up to me while I am resting in between sets and says, “you’re not going to get anything done just sitting there.” I told the man that the rest is just as important as the rep, for without the rest, it would be impossible to maximize my workout.

There is nothing wrong with rest. Rest maximizes your health, joy and happiness. It creates strength for the journey. It aids against burnout and depression. It is a God thing to rest. The people of Israel would not rest and ran into God’s judgment. Please rest.

There is a difference between rest and laziness. They are not the same thing. Rest restores and is temporary. Laziness leads to poverty and is continual. There is no end to doing absolutely nothing. Laziness is bad. Rest is good. Please! Rest.


6 responses to “REST YOUR FEET!

  1. Hi Roger
    I love this. Rest is not a word our modern world knows well …. never mind doing it. I am a Fibromyalgia/CFS sufferer and are forced to rest at least half of any given day. That time is precious for I can spend it in quiet communion with our Lord.
    Bless you

  2. Roger T. you have written this very well. Bless you for sharing…

  3. Hi blogger! I just nominated and voted you for the Liebster Award
    Check it out

  4. Thank You Roger! And perfect timing! If you don’t rest it could get to the point you can’t rest. And I can tell you your mind, body, and soul will suffer from that and ditto Mia, I just wish I listened more! I will read this again Roger and I will work at resting. Thank you for the great reminder it was nicely done and oh do my feet thank you. Nice images!

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