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Every time a sex scandal appears in the media someone desires to speak on the subject of gold digger syndrome. The constant complaints of female feminist about equal pay and the fact that rich men, who are clearly unattractive, with extremely attractive women may make you wonder why? Is this a real problem or is it Hollywood theatrics?

The fact cannot be denied that woman nine times out of ten will lower their standards for a man with power and wealth versus males doing the same. How many men are beating down the rich doors of Whoopi Goldberg. Sorry, Whoopi. I realize the paradigm is changing, for the first time woman in America are vastly more employed and are graduating college at record numbers compared to males.

However, the gold digger syndrome has not gone away and the idea that women are power seekers is obvious.  Is this a problem? Yes! For the Christian woman her mandate according to the word is to “be saved through childbearing–if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety” (1 Timothy 2:15).  Of course, this idea is unpopular to the ungodly woman, but a woman filled with the Holy Ghost can only say Amen.

A woman’s kryptonite is power. Turn the pages of Chapter three in Genesis and it becomes clear Satan tempted the woman with the idea to have more power. “You shall be as gods (Gen 3:5).” I can imagine her mind twirling about thinking about the first things she would do with the newfound power. Of course, in the beginning I used the term gold digger, but it equates to power. Hence, money being the answer to all things found in Ecclesiastes 10:19.

What is a woman to do? Look well into the ways of her household and not eat the bread of idleness. When you look at the story of Joseph that I used for man’s kryptonite, you will notice that Potiphar’s wife was idle. How else would she have time to watch Joseph? When a Christian woman is preoccupied with her family and their well being, it protects her from her own thirst for power. God blesses the woman who takes care of her family, including the husband, just in case you forgot he is part of the family.

I could go on concerning the professions women choose to exploit their bodies with (strippers, nude models, sex tapes, premarital sex) instead of choosing to be chaste. Many of these women are lured into this, because of their lust for power and money. Of course, sex trafficking is real and drugs are closely related to these, but most of the time the door or promise used is money and power. Protect yourself woman of God by your preoccupation with your family and abstinence from idleness. Satan should not have had Eve’s ear that way. She should have been preoccupied with her husband and they should have been having lots of sex, under God’s command, to be fruitful and multiply.

15 responses to “WOMAN’S KYRPTONITE

  1. Where do you leave the woman that cannot multiply? Is she unworthy? Does God not love her? This kind of thinking leaves a woman feeling like she’s not valuable until she has a baby….then the baby is born feeling like a slave to the mother’s sense of security…its a sick cycle.

    • The thought had crossed my mind concerning singles and widows, however my desire for brevity, leaves me from including these aspects, but since you have inquired I shall answer. The single woman as well as the widow is not alone to herself. She is either with parent or grandparent or at the very least in a world full of fatherless children. 1 Timothy 5 addresses that pure religion is helping those in need. The single woman has a great reward in sharing her resources and time with these children for this is truly the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is also to spend her day and night in prayer as God becomes her resource and power.

  2. I am afraid I am left utterly speechless by this.

  3. I loved your last post on Man’s Kyrptonite, but this one, not so much. You make a good point, but I think should have made this post longer and addressed the infertile women, and the women who have to work. You make it sound like a woman should not work, but stay at home. There are lots of single moms out there who would love to stay home with their kids but can’t. There are lots of moms out there who have husbands, but because of bills, or because they thought they needed to have 6 kids to be worthy, go to work so they have enough money to make sure their kids have clothes and food.
    I think you left too many things out of this post.

    • I really appreciate your comment. It is so revealing. The take away from the post is to watch out for the woman’s kryptonite, which is power/money. To defend oneself by the preoccupation of family and work. Busybodies and idleness are removed when a woman is thus occupied by them. The Proverbs 31 woman is a worker, she buys and sells etc. Again the danger is with the motivation. Many Christians find themselves in binds, not because God has not provided for their needs, it is because God has not providing for their lusts. It is Black Friday and many people will rush to the store, with house debt, car debt, student loan debt, credit card debt, lay away debt, and then buy some more. Now, every time a purchase is made a signature or a vow is made. People look at businesses like non-people and make vow after vow after vow. Now enslaved to the lusts of all these vows both members of the family have to work to stay afloat. What would happen if the Christian acknowledge God in all their ways mentioned in Proverbs 3:6?

  4. It began in the 60’s ( I am old enough to testify) when women began to think of the occupation as wife and mother was beneath them. This again was a great deception that has hurled children and family over the cliff of destruction. Since that glorious emancipation millions of babies have not lived to see the light of day, children are abused because single, emancipated women no longer have the support and protection of a committed husband. We have abandoned the protection of the womb for a lie, and the consequence has been costly, namely our neglected children. We were given the “high calling” mother, and nurturer and have exchanged it for a pot of stew.

  5. As a woman who wants to be self sufficient with a successful career does this mean that I am unholy ? That i should be looked down upon because I believe my rights should be equal to that of a man ? Are you seriously suggesting that a womens worth is soly due to her ability to have children not her contribution to society ?

    Do your quite frankly narrow minded views include women in ‘power’ such as female politicians – are they not worthy in gods eyes because they are actively seeking justice for those who can not ask for it themselves ? Is your view that a womans worth is to get married, have children, stay at home and that be that ? In my eyes that is utterly obsurd, sexist and ridiculous. In Gods eyes we are equals are we not ? So why should I as a female comprimise my status in the world to sooth the ego of men such as yourself who have prehistoric views on the role of women in society.

  6. It’s interesting to me that few will notice how the comments on this post prove the point you’re trying to make. (I’m a woman, BTW.)

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