stephanie-bertram-rose-Jasmine-SandersEvery time a sex scandal appears in the media someone desires to speak on the subject of oxytocin? The drug tested on voles to make a man become monogamous, instead of a sex-crazed man who cannot keep his hands off of more than one woman. Does this really work and is this the real problem?

As a non-scientist, I cannot speak on the subject of the validity of the drug on human beings. Humans are more than cells and chemicals dealing with a spiritual component for which there is no test. I am not ignorant of the fact that certain neurotransmitter drugs have been effective on treating or aiding people with social anxiety disorder and other such mental issues. So why am I speaking?

The Bible speaks about man’s kryptonite. Before you think it, kryptonite, is not word for word in the Bible and neither is trinity, but the concept is certainly visible. Solomon a man known in the Bible for great wisdom and a super player or having major swag like Derek Jeter, says this about an adulteress woman. “For the lips of an adulteress drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil (Proverbs 5:3).” If that is not sensual than something is defiantly not working. Let’s try this “With her much fair speech she caused him to yield, with the flattering of her lips she forced him. (Proverbs 7:21).” Read that again, slowly this time and then continue on.

What is a man to do? Run. I have personally run on a few occasions. Thoughts like sissy, real men don’t run, or what will my ungodly male counterparts think, may canvass the mind, however Christian men, should cast these thoughts down. Instead, our thoughts should be focused on Genesis 39. Genesis 39 records that Joseph runs from Potiphar’s wife who is trying to sleep with him. Running is not new. Personally, if Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, or Gabrielle Union was in the building? I would run. I know you may have words like weak, pathetic, but Joseph ran and Solomon used words like forced. What does that tell you? You cannot handle it. Jesus said, under temptation he gives us a way to escape. Why? Really? Escape. Yes! Escape! (1 Cor. 10:13).

It would take way too long to become plenary on this matter, so for now. Trust me. Run. You will be a whole lot better off, than waiting on some drug like oxytocin, which may assist, but give you another problem, like so many mental drugs do.


21 responses to “MAN’S KYRPTONITE

  1. Good point! Joseph Prince talked about sexual temptation and said we should RUN from this kind of temptation. KRYPTONITE!

  2. Inasmuch my story is a “brain surgery/divorce/eating disorder” story, it’s the core of it…all of ‘this’ was necessary to help me begin to see myself the way God sees me…it is in times of weariness that I began to glimpse my spirit. It is what inspired me and gives me hope–that there is more to life than merely surviving.

  3. Good post Roger. Good point.

  4. Although I completely agree with your main point (practice Job 31:1, and you won’t find yourself in many situations where you have to run), I’m not following the whole oxytocin point you are bringing in.

  5. wow , i am so blessed by this post thanks roger

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  7. i don’t know – i do follow your train of thought; but shouldn’t the man’s wife trigger oxytocin?

    • If the man married his wife out of love, I would say yes. However, we are more than just chemicals, we have principalities, spiritual wickedness in heavenly places to also deal with. The spiritual component can never be left out.

      • you’re right; but sometimes sprituality is the extreme; leaving the physical completely rejected. any extreme is damaging

      • When it comes to obeying God and being led by the Holy Spirit, no one can overdo it. The righteous scarcely make it (1 Peter 4:18). If you are led by the Spirit you will not be led to fulfill the lusts of the flesh and this living will give you power with God. Check out this video Let me know your thoughts.

  8. Thank you for inspiring my next post — I’d comment here but couldn’t do so without hijacking your blog. It will take a wee while ‘cos Spouse and I have to pop in to town today … peace, Friend.

  9. Hi Roger – you are a brave man for speaking frankly and facing these topics head-on (both man’s kryptonite and woman’s kryptonite). Well done!


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