coming, Day of the Lord, False prophet, lady, lady in red, prophecy, prophet, Second Coming of ChristWith a stare so intense the man is almost helpless to speak and she begins telling him of the signs and wonders that must come to pass before the dreadful day of the Lord should come. A day of darkness and not light. A day where men will desire death and death will be taken away. The man gently asks her to loosen the death grip and tell him who is coming and why he must be ready.

She tells him that the man coming has already died. He has already given mankind his greatest gift. His own life was offered up for others to live. No greater gift could have been given. Those who dare tread upon or spit upon his death for mankind will face his wrath, as he has risen.

Death could not hold this man down. He broke free as a newborn babe from the womb and declared to many of his return. After making himself known to his disciples upon dying, he went up to heaven. Leaving the message for his disciples to preach and teach to the people of his death and resurrection and soon return.

This man is coming back. He will consume those who deny him. He has given everything and will demand respect and worship. Those who choose to worship now will only receive a judgment of the noonday, but others will perish in the fire. His judgment will be quick and dreadful. This man holds all power within his hands and will execute judgment as he sees fit, based upon his word written in the Bible.

Her voice lowers to a whisper and she tells the man false prophets will arise and deceive many. These false prophets are already here. Some already possess powers to heal and deceive many. You will know a real prophet by the fruits that he bears. His lifestyle will mirror the man who died and rose.


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