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As the presidential elections come to a close and the media and all manner of mankind is tuning into CNN and FOX NEWS we should be fervent in prayer. The Lord Jesus Christ answers the prayer of the righteous. Esther, before entering into the king’s presence called for a fast and prayer. She knew the power of God could be accessed this way. Today is no different.

From the first book in Genesis until the last book of Revelation God answers prayer and infiltrates every portion of life. There is no scene in which God is not found. He is found in politics. He is found in prayer. He is found in the church. He is found in the weather. He is found in healing. He is found in destruction. He is found in restoration of a nation. He is found in destruction of a nation.

 Are you feeling the burn today? Are you passionate about participating in life? If not, you should be. God did not leave you here to be ambivalent. He left you here to impact the world. Go ye out into the nations of the world and be salt and light. Salt does not choose which food it affects. It affects all foods for which it is used.


10 responses to “FEELING THE BURN!

  1. I pray that everyone is doing just that

  2. I loved your post my brother very inspiring!

  3. Such a great post I had to share it on Face Book!

  4. So true, great post. If we do not have a felt benefit in our communities, a positive presence, then how are we truly being Christ’s hands and feet. I’d rather lead a passionate life , navigating highs and lows, than to reach the end of my days and ask ” What have I done with my life ? ” 🙂

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