darkness, hell, light, Love, separation

You should be. There are things in the darkness that desire to kill you. Darkness overshadows the light and drains the life out of its subjects. You may have heard that heaven and God is full of light. The reason for this is simple. Light gives give life. Light gives vision. Light gives direction.

Hell is full of darkness. Hell impedes vision. Hell creates confusion. Hell is in direct opposition to light. Hell is for those who love darkness.

Before you run from this blog understand that darkness has power and the fear of the Lord is wisdom. I said, what may seem strange to some that one should be afraid of the dark and you may say, but the Bible says fear not.

Unfounded fear should never be a Christian’s disposition.  Unfounded fear is fear that God will abandon and forsake you. Unfounded fear is man’s ability to separate you from God. Unfounded fear is the devils ability to overcome the Holy Spirit.

Founded fear should be a Christian’s disposition. Fearing God’s ability to cast your soul into hell. Fearing God’s wrath to those who disobey and curse him in unbelief and action. Fearing God is just plain smart. He alone has the ability to save you.

You’ve been warned…

You’ve been loved…

6 responses to “ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?

  1. There is a healthy fear and an unhealthy fear. I wrote about how fear ruins our relationship with God, others and ourselves. Please visit and let me know your thoughts. Debby

  2. Thank you for this. I know a few Christians who enjoy the darkness and it always makes me want to grab them by the collar and shake them awake. If we are His children, we belong to the Light–darkness should have no place in our lives. It is nothing to play with; it is nothing to seek out; it is nothing to give place to.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I am a Christian who fears the dark. I know through experience that I am no match for the forces that dwell there. Only through Jesus Christ can I survive and thrive in His Light.

  4. deep yet so true. thank you 🙂

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