Aaliyah, Love,

Do you recall the lady in red? Do you remember her scream and utter dismay? Well, you should remember the man who took interest in her dire situation and the promise she made to him? Some have guessed it. It would seem others focused on her physical appearance, but the truth of the matter is Jesus is coming. What is scarier? You are not promised to live long enough to see it. You may be the countless souls who have already passed from this life to the next.

Already 86 celebrities have died this year in 2012 and the year is not over. Over half of which were simply too young to be dead, based upon the U.S. average mortality rate. Today, somebody’s not here. It is this fact we should have in remembrance when we think we have time to share Jesus. I hear somebody say you need to build rapport before beginning the task of witnessing. My response is really?

The players I use to hang out with didn’t need days to build rapport with the women they met and even slept with the same day. Now I know you may say these women are just sluts, this may or may not be, depending on your definition of slut. In any case, it did not take days upon days or even months.

If you’re filled with love for your neighbor in desperation you will lay it on the line. If you’re rejected as a player you simply move on. The disciples did the same. Some who had ears to hear where filled with God and others were simply passed by. Passed by, only after hearing and rejecting the word.

Somebody’s not here today! The Lord has not come back either, but somebody’s not here today. The idea of urgency is not simply God breaking forth into the clouds, but that we are not promised to see the end as some are. God is coming back and there will be people on the earth when he does, but you may not be one of them, so with urgency we share our most precious gift.


15 responses to “SOMEBODY’S NOT HERE

  1. You are exactly right. ..well said.

    • thank you!

      • My sister died at 15 yrs. old, my brother was in his 20’s, killed in a motorcycle accident, left behind 2 little kids. I woke up one morning, and my baby had died of crib death. The only thing good about an illness, like cancer is that there is still time, first to know Jesus died on the cross for them, and 2nd.. to say I love you, I’m sorry, have peace, and good-bye. Last year, my dad took his own life. I’m not a child, and yet am still shocked over this. When we get to heaven, we will have lots of surprises, and ..I hope, I can only hope to see him there. It’s a grief in my heart. We are here for a minute and a half. Vapor, a mist, shadow.. that’s it. I was not raised in any church, and am forever thankful that people took the time to love me into the kingdom of God. In all my messy dysfunctional junk, yet they loved me enough to accept me as I was, and welcome me. Grace in front of me before I knew what grace was.

      • Appreciating God’s grace right now.

    • In my opinion, I think we can all use some good scripture about how Jesus made sacrifices for us. It with a heavy heart when I hear about these poor lost celebrity soles that have little direction in life and choose drugs, sex and alcohol to deal with their problems. So incompletely agree with you, so lets love they neighbors and respect our moral values with a new sense of urgency about God. Great and informative article!

  2. There are so many empty vessels that are not filled with the Holy Spirit. They are easily deceived by the evil one. But if they have Jesus in their heart, they will be able to decipher the truth from lies. We must help Jesus enter into people’s hearts so that they may be saved and spend eternity with the body of Christ! Time is short.

  3. to dvhanson:
    I lost my father to suicide, too. I worried so much about his soul and if he would go to heaven. Then I had a dream. In it my family was all sitting by the kitchen table in my childhood home, and there was this strange man at the table trying to tell us he was my father’s brother. (I never really knew my father’s side of the family.) In the dream I stood straight up at the table, pointed my finger at the man and said, “This family rebukes you Satan.” As soon as I said this the visitor disappeared like a mist from our table and was no more. Can we intercede for those who are so ill from depression and take their own lives? They are sick and unable to think rationally. Does Jesus love people with mental illness and all its manifestations, including suicide? I believe so, and I believe we can and should fight for one another’s souls when there is any question.

    • Martin Luther himself commented: “I don’t have the opinion that suicides are certainly to be damned. My reason is that they do not wish to kill themselves but are overcome by the power of the devil.” Luther goes on, however, to express concern that this statement be not misunderstood or misused in a way that would downplay the danger and seriousness of this sin in the minds of people (Luther’s Works, American Edition, Vol. 54, p. 29). Thank you for your comment.

      • Totally agree. I believe we are responsible for the effort not the outcome. I felt compelled to fight for my father’s soul and hope someone would do the same for me.

  4. I really appreciate sharing our thoughts, (please know that). In my own opinion, I believe that when people are saved, they will go to heaven, even if they actually committed suicide. Some don’t believe that, and it’s ok to disagree, and still love God. My dad didn’t really want to hear things of God, at least not from me, and not from his mom, (my grandma) who was a devout Christian. I had years of depression and am aware of that darkness, so it hurts my heart that my dad would feel so alone, in that last minute before he decided to kill himself. I fear his not being in heaven because I have no idea if he ever surrendered to God. Maybe he did, there is always hope. There are some who think he will be in heaven because he was such a nice guy. Of course, as Believers, we know it isn’t about being nice. It’s not about works, or what we have in riches. It’s about believing God sending His only Son to die on the cross for our sins. It’s believing Christ is our Lord. Knowing He paid for our sins with His life. It’s a relationship.

  5. my sister was killed in a pick-up truck accident, at 15, as I mentioned. It crushed out family. I was 21 at the time. Within a year and a half or so, my baby died of crib death. My brother was in my area, and came to the house before responders got there. The baby was gone, and my brother tried to revive him. We have 8 kids in the family, so he loved kids, and this was especially crushing. After trying mouth to mouth on the baby, he went out and puked. My kids and I went to stay at my brothers for a few months after the baby died. During that time, I would be sitting with the Bible on my lap. Being from a dysfunctional family means, who do you talk to? We were raised kids were to be seen and not heard. No emotions. I went through counseling to learn it was ok to cry. At the point of losing my baby, I didn’t even feel it was ok to cry in front of my own kids. Very sad and very true. Once when I sat with the Bible, just in need of some comfort.. and I didn’t know the Lord at that time, not really. My brother was a biker, very hurt from my sisters death and then the baby, just could NOT understand how I could possibly believe in a God that would take their lives. How could I?? I explained my hope…that my belief was someday I would for sure see my baby again in heaven. That believing in God, would save me from going to hell.

  6. (apparently, I can’t spell today) I know that he was angry, and under the anger was pain. Even more than that, God knows our pain inside. When our heart decieves us, God is so much greater than our heart. The Lord knows where we come from, what pain lurks, and what it will take to bring us out of that background bondage. There can still be belief, yet the anger and pain. My brother, this same brother was killed in a motorcycle accident shortly after that day. It hurts my heart, and again.. my hope, is for this surprise in heaven. No person will die…without the knowledge of God. Not one. God desires all to come to Him, fully, completely, repentant, and even moreso.. to know the love of Christ. It is up to them, each person to accept or deny Him. We can’t force it, they have to choose what they will believe. That’s it. We definately pray for those we love… and wait. They have to take the step. The door is open.

  7. Kathy… I am so sorry about your dad too. Your loss. I have had dreams too, where the Lord set me free in areas. Too much to get into in this blog,.. I’m thinking I’ve taken way too much space on his blog comments. Sorry about that. Thanks very much for your compassion.

  8. I think this is an excellent perspective that we should keep in view every day. Thank you for sharing this good reminder.

  9. Great blog entry!! So well said and so very true. I DO think that we need to let people know where we stand – and then step back to allow the Holy Spirit to work in their lives. I have MANY, MANY unsaved friends. I don’t ask them to clean up their language around me, nor to avoid certain topics of conversation, nor to hide part of their lives from me. God saved me from the pit when I was 32, and I came with PLENTY of baggage that HE had to put up with!!

    As for the comments above, I wouldn’t hesitate to continue in conversation on Roger’s post unless he asks you to stop.

    Roger, you are a talented writer and have a great perspective. Have you written any books?

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