This is a slight departure from my normal speech concerning things cried out into the wilderness, but can anyone tell me why diamonds are so expensive? Why is the perception of their value so high?

You cannot digest them for sustenance. You cannot use them to procreate. You cannot use them to get closer to God. You cannot use them to create a lasting relationship. It would seem to me the more costly a ring purchased the shorter the marriage.

People kill for them. People steal them. People hire other people to kill for them. Women and some men lust over them. A person’s worth is often attached to them. It will not save you in the judgment. It will not comfort you at night. It is not soft to touch or caress.

Where did the perception come from and what is it’s value?

Please let me know where I have strayed in my opinion in the comments below.


8 responses to “Diamonds

  1. So true—I guess it puts in perspective what we think is the most important thing. It is precisely this skewed perception of what is most important that causes a lot of people stumble over spirtual things on their way to something of far less value to their soul.

  2. Ironic isn’t it? Diamonds cost more than water., and water is more essential for us to live. But then again, maybe it’s a case of rarity..

  3. Good question – it’s that outward appearance of HAVING IT, being envied by others? Like a peacock with his feathers spanned wide – people are drawn to IMAGERY (?) I’m not a diamonds or gold gal … but I’m rare! 🙂

  4. I agree with you in that diamonds are over rated. They are not my best friend. People hold too much value on material things. They make women feel special for some reason that I cannot understand.

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