How To Find A Man

christianity, Christianity For Seekers
Have you ever heard a woman tell you I am waiting on the Lord? Have you heard that seeking a man is ungodly? Where do these thoughts come from? Have they been gleaned from scripture? My opinion is that they have not. In fact, they are nothing but excuses. It may help to reveal what a man is looking for in a woman.

man is looking for a woman who first knows how to handle herself modestly. This does not mean dressing like grandma, but dressing in such a way that speaks I am here, available, but chaste.

Secondly, a man is looking for a woman who is able to hold a conversation and have some level of transparency. Remember; do not awaken love until it is time, instead take a look at Ruth. Ruth, a woman of God, made herself transparent to Boaz (Ruth 3). What am I really saying? There is nothing wrong with dating sites. Nothing wrong with singles ministry at church and making conversation.

Thirdly, a man is looking for a woman who is independent and not swayed, by public opinion. She understands that she has been created in God’s image and knows who she is. She is able to provide for and be provided by the man.


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