The Day It Was Answered

What action would you take when the prayer you prayed for a long time was answered? A longing that required daily prayer and attention of ones mind. What would your first words be? Who would you call with such a message of relief or excitement? Are you preparing for the day when you’re prayer is answered? Are you still waiting in anticipation for that special moment?

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise. He answers the call of the diligent. He offers himself as a Father to his son. He loves those who love him and is willing to present you his gifts.

The Day It Was Answered I was not prepared for the enormity of my request. I was not ready for the gift presented. I was unaware of the following gifts that would follow. I was unable to some degree to know. The idea that we always know what is best is not true. Sometimes we think one way and cannot see another.

Your most precious prayer and your most great idea is not always the best and yet we pray with vigor and might for prayers we know in our mind are the most efficient, but are they? I challenge you today to ask the Lord of heaven to provide you his prayer to pray and pray in the Spirit as he already knows what you have need of before you ask.

The Day It Was Answered may be taken one of two ways. The first is that God answers the prayer of saving your sick loved one. God answers the request for a mate. God answers the prayer for the prophetic anointing and the ability to hear his voice. Oh what a prayer answered and one that comes with a great manner of responsibility. The second God answers a persistent prayer like the people in Samuel’s day and they get their request for a king named Saul who enslaves them and rules them under his thumb.

The Day It Was Answered is a reminder to pray with wisdom and carefulness and not just utter anything before God. Consider carefully your request as you are calling upon a great King. He is our Father and he loves us and bears long with us, but he is also a Superior being one that should be recognized as such and honored with careful requests.

17 responses to “The Day It Was Answered

  1. Very well said, Roger.

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  3. “…He is our Father and he loves us and bears long with us, but he is also a Superior being one that should be recognized as such and honored with careful requests….” Amen.

  4. I am just beginning to walk in the realization of this truth. There is a peace that passes all understanding when your prayers are in sync with the Holy Spirit.

  5. Let me apologize ahead of time for the length of this response.

    The most personal example of this in my life involves my son. I prayed for 15 years for him to come back to the Lord. It was a huge matter of faith for me because my son is a firefighter. I prayed that the Lord would do whatever it took to get my son’s attention, even though I fully understood what I was asking. This mother’s heart hurt even while I was praying this way but I knew that God needed to get his attention in a big way.

    I also asked God to bring good Jesus followers into my son’s life and He did exactly that. My son told me this just before he became engaged: “God used her to bring me back to the Light.” Wow.

    God used my son’s future wife to speak to my his heart, but God really got his attention during a very scary wildfire situation. However in His grace and mercy God did not allow my son to come to any harm. Every time I think about this or share it with others, my eyes tear up just as they are doing now. My hubby fondly says my eyes are leaking… and so they are.

    If anyone is reading this who still doubts God’s faithful answers to prayer, PLEASE don’t give up! God’s timing is rarely OUR timing, and when we’re waiting for answers to prayer, God is not only working on the hearts of those for whom we’re praying but on US as well.


    • Lengthy responses are accepted. When once touched by the awesome hand of God our overflowing river can hardly ever be quenched with pure joy on a long awaited prayer answered.

  6. Just excellent. Thank you for that – I could read and re-read this post a few times over as a healthy lesson with respect to my own prayers I set before God.

  7. I started out as a Catholic so I understand about praying to god for something but as an atheist I have to ask you how you would feel if someone you loved did nothing but beg you to give them things. I see love as giving, not taking. I may not be a christian any more but I try my hardest to live according to the principles laid down in the New Testament – love thy neighbour as thyself and let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
    Isn’t living a good, charitable life exactly the kind of prayer that god would want to hear?

    • God is most interested in hearing our confession of faith in Jesus. His death on the cross and resurrection provides Christians life. There is no amount of charitable work or other good works that will satisfy God. His Son died for our deliverance and when faith and obedience to Christ is chosen rather than self praise of ones good works, God is pleased. Good works without the love of God in your heart prove useless to the one doing the work.

      • But how then does God feel about faith without that obedience to Christ? Faith without love, without charity, without compassion? Surely that kind of hypocrisy is exactly what the cleansing of the temple was all about? Or perhaps you are speaking of the God of the Old Testament rather than the Christ of the New Testament?

      • There is no parsing the God of the Old and New Testament. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever more. Great dialogue.

      • Forgive me but whether one or three, the God of the Bible reveals two diametrically opposed aspects. As I’m not a Christian I can choose to obey only the teachings of the New Testament.

      • I may have to write a blog on this subject. Given the scope of this blog post this conversation has departed it. Will take that up in the new blog. Keep following.

      • I’ll take that as a compliment 🙂

  8. It’s better to ask for guidance from God concerning praying.

  9. God knows what is best for us. When i have a prayer item, i also asked God to answer my prayer if that is in accordance to His will and answer it if that is best for me. And on the day it is answered, I will give Him praises and shout with joy !

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