I have come to notice within my life that being busy is a proper technique to aid against sin.  There is a worldly saying that idleness is the devils workshop, although not found exactly written like this in scripture the concept is revealed in 2 Thessalonians 3:11, 1 Peter 4:15 and 1 Timothy 5:13. Are you busy today making sure you’re beginning your morning meditating on God’s word in prayer and scripture reading? Have you scheduled in the day timer a night session with the family discussing concepts of the word of God?

Do you have excessive amounts of time? The thing about having a lot of time is just as bad as having little. Those who have lots of time are less efficient and effective.  Think volunteer. Think helping others who have needs. If you’re a man or woman with no children to take care of and you’re in between jobs. Help with habitat for humanity. Sign up with the prison ministry. If you keep moving with purpose, using your gifts, it becomes conducive to continue moving toward fulfilling the work of the ministry. It also provides avenues for the Lord to use you strategically and bring those within your life to be a blessing to you as well.

Many people will tell you that the person they met that aided in their life was when they left the house and stayed busy.

What are some things that may be done, while waiting for opportunities of employment?


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