unbreakable bond, perfume, cologne

The scent chosen by Khloe and Lamar is nice. The title chosen for such a fragrance is indicative of the many ingredients that will ever be bound, until at first or by science stripped and then the scent ceases to exist. The fragrance produced, are the results of properties intertwined and intermingled to such specifications as to bring enjoyment to the senses. What a powerful selection!

Your bond with your wife or husband should be an unbreakable bond. The bond takes place when you as a spouse intertwines and intermingles with your spouse. The properties neatly joined together to make a beautiful marriage for others to sense. The trust and anxiety being lifted as both share the burden of life together.

As the cologne changes the atmosphere of which it surrounds, your marriage will do the same. The good behavior revealed in mixed company should be the way in which you behave at home. Your marriage should leave evidence behind as you move throughout life.

I am not talking about a fake union of happiness as seen with Seal and Heidi, but a real love. Not unrestrained sex outside marriage. A real satisfaction that curls the toes and keeps you moving toward a desire for greater fulfillment, I am talking about an unbreakable bond.

19 responses to “UNBREAKABLE BOND

  1. Scent, aroma, odor, smell…all such powerful, evocative sensations. This is perfect timing as I’m starting a series on using senses in writing. Thanks!

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  3. Great Post! You are so right about marriage and how cool to compare it to the luscious scent of perfume:)

  4. I love the comparison! Especially since, within marriage, part of reunion after being apart (even a work day) is holding each other closer and drinking in their scent. Love it!

  5. It will be in both soon, then a slightly different version in a few months at

  6. Gambar yang cerah dan bersemangat.

  7. Unbreakable bond like that between earthly child and heavenly father?

  8. Hi roger tharpe, I’ve just nominated you an award on mypost, Enjoy~

  9. largerthanlifeswati

    Hey…. I can’t really put it up in words but, just wanted to tell you how nice this post SMELT! Yes, I could truly take in the aroma you were talking about! And as I feel, the unbreakable bond theory persists for all relations in life. Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a precious like, else I would not have discovered this amazing place of yours!
    Good Luck! :D

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  11. Such a good description of the marriage bond! Thanks Roger, for once again giving us such a delightful post!

  12. Beautiful encouragement for married couples, and precious lesson for those who are singles.

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