David calls out to God and says “show me, O LORD, my life’s end and the number of my days; let me know how fleeting is my life (Psalm 39:4). I want to prepare myself properly for your arrival or my death. I need a marker so that I can see whether or not I am on schedule. Show me my hour.

It is important to know the frailty of your existence so that you may not waste time and also come to the understanding that time does run out.

For many today as news fills with death their knowledge of the frailty of man is ever present. Under tears and sorrow the thoughts grip the mind and questions are asked. Did I say within the time allotted what I needed to? Did I use the time spent with love ones or enemies well? Did I wait to show love and now it is too late.

Time is constantly moving and for some in hospitable beds they feel the joy as through time their bodies heal. Time for others moves too fast, like the first kiss.

Whatever time feels like for you it is important to remember it runs out.

What are some things you will do or have plans to do before it does?

A couple of mine are:

1. Publish at least two books
2. Continue sharing with others the good news in all means
available to me.

If the Lord wills,

Make a declaration in the comments. Limit two.


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