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The treasures of heaven fall upon the body like a mantle when you need it. Your position must be one of movement. We find the Lord moves after you. How else can David write in Psalm 23 that goodness and mercy would follow him all the days of his life?  If you are bound by present fear let this encourage and empower you.

I am an introvert and public speaking produces for me a great fear, but I am here to tell you, It Falls when you need it. In the last few weeks, I have had many speaking engagements and each one was not without fear, however I can tell you, It falls when you need it and the peace of God that passes understanding and the wisdom of God produces the required fruit.

 Some may say “Lord I am waiting for your power.” It falls when you need it. Not a moment sooner. While I am in the chair waiting to speak, I am afraid. While walking to the platform and then right before I speak, the mantle falls. It falls when you need it. Do not fear today. God will show up, you only have to move first to see his power.

Single person waiting on the Lord? God moves after you. Struggling married person waiting on the Lord? God moves after you. It falls when you need it, but only after you move first.

Walking in Christ is no different than receiving salvation. For one only receives salvation after they confess with their mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in the their heart that God raised them from the dead. It falls when you need it, only after you move first.


14 responses to “IT FALLS WHEN YOU NEED IT

  1. So true, and yet still I doubt and fear. Experiences tells me time and time again that God provides, when will I learn to trust and loose the fear? Even reading this today was the perfect words at the perfect time, thank you for sharing,

  2. This is a great truth and well worth hearing over and over again. I’ve proven it so many times that it is only after I step forward the Lord comes and provides the energy, right words, and wisdom needed.
    I am a Christian Life Coach and always feel empty before a coaching session – sometimes to the point of thinking perhaps I should cancel the appointment! It is only after praying and seeking God’s wisdom that I am of any help to my client. God’s wisdom and understanding comes and always the clients is blessed in ways I would never imagined.

  3. Thank God for the anointing.

  4. This really encouraged me today. I too am an introvert who dislikes public speaking but have had 2 recent experiences where I have had to do so and it did “fall when I needed it.” Blessings.

  5. Great one Roger! Being proactive instead of reactive is often the key to realizing God’s powerful presence and anointing!

  6. Very well said. More people need to know this…

  7. So true and something good to be reminded of. So often we spend a lot of time fearing an upcoming event in our lives instead of just resting in Him because the grace we need does not come ahead of time it arrives just when we need it.

  8. Reblogged this on Yohana Ekky's Blog and commented:
    Amen!!! Thank you so much, Jesus!!!

  9. Awesome words of truth about our awesome Lord! Thanks! ~ Wendy

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