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Do you remember what you told me? How you confessed your love for me! Do you remember what you said in the middle of your trial? Do you remember how you cried out and said, “If you help me, I will serve you” and like a mighty warrior I stepped in and saved you. You praised me for the valiant act and now I hear only your lips.

You continue to tell me about your love for me and yet you don’t attend my house. You blame others for your attendance and yet my promise was with you and I alone. How come all of a sudden others are involved in our relationship?

You lift up both your hands in surrender and sing “I Surrender All,” but the moment I ask for your service, well maybe next time.

How long shall I receive lip service? How long? When your spouse asks for attention, you say you love them and yet when asked for service, well maybe next time.

How long shall your spouse receive lip service? When the divorce decree is being drawn up by the lawyer? When the home and children are being taken? How long?

Let’s declare today to end lip service. Speak the truth. Your actions will always reveal it. Telling someone you love them and not demonstrating it with actions, is like a glazed Krispy Kreme donut. I see the surrounding goodness, but where is the center where the heart should be.

10 responses to “LIP SERVICE

  1. Wow! Preach it!!! This hits home- good job.

  2. I can not tell you that I am a believer, this post however is a powerful message for all our relationships with others. First class post for believers and non believers all over the world, very,very good post .

  3. Wow! This post is so moving, so motivating. I love how real and living you have made our commitment to our God in these words. What a great start to my day!

  4. PryncesSyndrome

    Powerful!! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Piercing conviction…LOVE IT!

  6. Insightful. Keep on blogging.

  7. This is very good in most things. I relate simply by don’t just put my love in drawer to be pulled out or even cherished when you need it only. Love needs to be returned or it leaves. This is good in all relationships here.

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