The fire that burns inward when one is passionate about a subject is so consuming that ones thoughts are always compelled to bring up the subject. Like a sales man trying to get you to purchase a new source of electricity or woman trying to sell me Avon’s skin-so-soft on the line at Walmart. I am the same way. My passion and desire is that all may come to the knowledge of Jesus. He is life’s reason and mankinds only true purpose filler.

Are you lost concerning purpose? Are you trying to find yourself? Try finding first your designer. Try first submitting to the authority of the one who causes the thirsty to never thirst again. The way maker as I have heard some call him, or the lily of the valley and the bright and morning star. You cannot have purpose without first knowing for whom you were created.

The message of Jesus is universal. He is a Savior to anyone who would desire to repent and name the name of Christ. He does not turn away the murderer or the cheat.  Israel would say his mercy endures forever. I can tell you his mercy endures forever.

His death upon the cross and his resurrection is for your benefit alone. He is and has always been sinless. His death was for the purpose of creating for us life. He died that others may live. If Hollywood celebrities and wealthy pastors have not taught us anything, it is that wealth is not the answer. For if once enlightened by the overabundance of wealth provided purpose then those who possessed it, would not need to drink in excess, overdose on drugs, or have promiscuous sex. Am I saying Jesus makes things easy? No. I am saying he makes all things beautiful in his time.

In his time you will shine and receive blessings without sorrow. In his time you will have sleep that is ever so sweet. In his time you will be filled full with purpose.

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