I find within my members a temptation to live outside the will of God and yet I also understand his way is better. I have come across the news of the Miss USA winner Olivia Culpo from Rhode Island and find her answering a transgender question to allow them to compete with originally born women, because we live in a free country and she is praised. Having learned from Carrie Prejean and her stand she knew within herself that answering this question any other way would have cost her the crown. I could use many other examples like the decay happening in the military. Talk to any officer in the military and the respect once given by the enlisted core and young airmen is less and less each year. On a positive note interracial relationships appear to be increasing and race relations a tad better, although I am sure some would argue nothing has changed. Be that as it may, my real reason for this blog post is to reveal the price of living holy. One obvious reason living holy is so difficult is because so many choose not to. They even curse and judge those who attempt to. There is the personal lust that war within each individual that drives them to particular sins. Jesus said, you must pick up your cross and follow him. This cross crucifies the flesh and does not always feel good. The fruit produced however is enjoyable to all: Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, and gentleness to name a few.  The price of living holy is high because its value is also high.

The holder of advanced degrees will tell you that it cost them something to achieve those degrees. Many will never attain to the level of doctorate and yet with such an earthly prize we praise those who do. The cost is high. The money spent and the numerous hours of study are deposits for such a degree. Holiness also requires money and numerous hours of study.

Holiness demands that we give cheerfully. Holiness demands that we love God first and foremost and love our neighbor and enemies as well. Holiness demands that we seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness. Holiness demands that husbands love their wives and train their children. Holiness demands we hold Pastors and leaders of the church accountable for sin. Holiness demands that we forsake those who walk in ungodliness and not entertain guest who will cause you harm to your walk with Christ. Holiness demands that children obey parents and that parents respect the fact that your children are first God’s property and need to be treated as such. Holiness demands many things, but holiness brings so much satisfaction.

Holiness eliminates prostitution. Holiness eliminates rape, murders, adultery, homosexuality, and fornication. It does not take a rocket scientist or religion to see these things are hurtful and not one thing positive may be said. Holiness removes sexually transmitted diseases. Holiness brings the blessings of God and he adds no sorrow. Holiness keeps marriages together and children safe. Holiness eliminates the need for neighborhood watch. Holiness removes the requirement to lock up my car and bike. Holiness makes us so much freer. Holiness means I can walk down any street in America and not fear for my life. Holiness means that when someone approaches you of the opposite sex and color you’re not tempted to clench your purse or run. Holiness is truly awesome.

Why then are people against holiness? Is America free? Is other nations of the world free? Is freedom possible without boundaries?  Please comment!

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  1. Loved this post! I heartily agree,,the cost is high because the value is so great. Keep posting! You inspire me!

  2. impatientlywaiting

    Thank you Roger. That totally answered and confirmed some things for me.

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    There is confirmation of quite a few things in this blog for me… I had to share

  4. Amen Roger! Holiness is costly, however those who pay the price will be rewarded with a deeper walk and strong presence of Jesus in their lives.

  5. People are against holiness because they have decided to take a darker path and anyone trying to be holy exposes their decision as ugly to both themselves and to the world. I understand this having been born to an atheist family.

  6. Awesome Blog! I agree… sometimes the things that are so obvious are the ones not seen. Common Sense is no longer a commodity in “the world” as well as Holiness in the Church!

  7. Awesome!!!!!! Nothing really good comes easy.

  8. First I will answer your question, We as the body of Christ, and I can only speak as one of the members of this body, have been deceived by secular society to believe that holiness is undesirable.

    However I disagree with your two of your implications or suggestions. It is not costly nor is it attainable. What are you giving up to attain it? If the benefits are as you stated then whats the cost? If the benefits of holiness is a righteous life then the cost is insignificant. If holiness eliminates all that you mentioned then, what would be given up would be the sin that produced it. Again the cost would be insignificant. If your referring to the lost of a beauty pageant and all it brings, If she stood on her belief in Christ she did not lose a thing. “If you confess me before man I will confess you before my father”. Her magnified blessing is assured.

    As far as attaining holiness how do you go about doing that? There have had monasteries full of monks trying to attain that and I have not heard of a single one that has.
    As a matter of fact I have still to meet a holy anything and I have been a Christian for over 30 years.

    Yet the bible says be “Holy As God is Holy’.
    Holiness is an ongoing process that is begun by God and completed by him. We only allow him to bring us to a place that we might become more like him. Holiness is a byproduct of your relationship with God. “By the renewing of your mind” We become holy as we allow God to have a greater reign in our lives. It is his living in us that produces holiness. There is nothing that we can do of ourselves to attain holiness. Like in all things our outcome depends on Gods input.

    • Thank you for your answer, but I would like you to consider the parable told by Jesus for the cost of discipleship. For the sake of time and if you’re really interested it is found in Luke 14:25-34. Holiness is achieved instantly when someone receives Jesus Christ. You cannot enter heaven without holiness. Holiness is who God is and gives when he gives an individual his Holy Spirit. The command to live holy is just that a command. This is not merely a suggestion or something God throws in for the believer to be bothered with, it is his will. Living out holiness, however is being directed by the Holy Spirit in obedience to him. If you have the Holy Spirit he will convict the world of sin. This conviction will cause the believer to change. The difficulty in holiness living is the fact that many keep saying it can’t be done. It can’t be done. Instead of forgetting those things which are behind and pressing toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. I have ADD. I was diagnosed with the disorder when my grades began to slip in the third grade. I was told I would never graduate. You know a black kid in an all white private school, needless to say, I did not believe this. So what did I do? Believe the opposite. I graduated. I told myself they lied about me graduating high school, so I am sure they have lied about me graduating college. So I went to school and received a Bachelor in Science degree. I said they lied about that so maybe I should go a little higher. Now I have my Masters. Humans are not merely animals having no will of their own; no they are responsible for the choices they make. Notice something. Noah and family alone where saved. How were they saved? Through obedience (building the ark) and belief and God counted Noah righteous. The rest of the world was history. Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed and only Lot and the two daughters where saved. Lot was found righteous in the eyes of God and was vexed daily by the lifestyle of the people. What did it cost Noah? Working alone with his family on a huge project and ridicule from the people. What did it cost Peter, Paul, and many others who walked in holiness? It cost them their lives. It cost to be saved and live holy. You say can’t. I say press. Am I hinting at perfectionism or legalism, not at all. All I am saying is press. Stop with the unattainable and I can’t do it mentality and just like Nike Do it!

      • I think we agree. There is a cost for following Christ. As Christ explains in Luke. If you look at it on a cost reward basis you would have to conclude that the cost is insignificant when compare to the reward.The reward being, spending an eternity with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
        As far as attaining Holiness as you put,”Holiness is who God is and gives when he gives an individual his Holy Spirit”. It is given, we perfect it through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. As you said Holiness is part of what God gives us. Holiness, like salvation is unattainable outside of Gods gift. There are a plethora of things that are not attainable without the intervention, interaction with God.
        Holiness is desirable, attainable, enjoyable and pleasing but only through the work of God in our lives. Anything else would just be self righteousness.

    • hey ib,…how are you today sir??? i prayerfully type words into this comment box,…meaning…this is, in the strange silence, offered by the internet,…that this is the only way that we have to “communicate” with one another. the word “commune” comes to mind.
      com·mune Verb /kəˈmyo͞on/
      communing present participle; communed past tense; communes 3rd person singular present; communed past participle
      Share one’s intimate thoughts or feelings with (someone or something), esp. when the exchange is on a spiritual level
      the purpose of praying is to commune with God
      Feel in close spiritual contact with

      communicate intimately with; be in a state of heightened, intimate receptivity
      a body of people or families living together and sharing everything

      we, as the body of christ,….are a family

      i’m sorry,..i’ll have to continue in another comment as i don’t know how to scroll in the comment box to see what i have previously written???? actually,…i’ll write in my “works” program,…and then paste it here soon,…..thank you

      actually,…until then,….i would like to share this,……your quote follows,…”First I will answer your question, We as the body of Christ, and I can only speak as one of the members of this body, have been deceived by secular society to believe that holiness is undesirable.”

      from where i stand,…i have NOT been deceived by a secular anything,…….do you understand????? i would or could be deceived only if i allow myself to be,..or,..choose to be,…..if and when, we in any way,….give room in our life and lives, to “focus” on things other than “our individual” walk with God,….then this is when we “give room” in “our individual life” to the possibility of deception.

      people are people,……..when and if we see others as “evil” and the “enemy” then our desire to accept them and to love them is and can be diminished,……thus,……we separate, and isolate,…not existing in the real world among the living,……instead of being the salt and the light,….we can than,…inadvertently (or otherwise),….end up in a (self placed position) of judging others (who is condemned when we as a christian condemns?????)…………therefore,…as we speak of being holy, and the desire to,…and the cost of,……then would it not stand to reason,….based on the teachings of jesus,……..that we not forget or neglect the necessity of getting our own house in order????

      and then,…..just as importantly,….keeping it that way????

      the scriptures “do not” say,….”BEHOLD THE MODERN DAY CHRISTIAN WHO COMES TO TAKE AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD”,…do they???

      in and with our focus on “the sin and sinners” in and of the world,…our salt and light fades,……….

      God tells us to “LOOK NOT LEFT OR RIGHT,…BUT FOR US TO KEEP OUR EYES ON HIM”,……………is this correct?

      he also tells us that if our eye offends us,…to pluck it out,……we, as humans,…many times are “responsible” for the offenses that “come our way” because in reality,….we are the ones, by focusing on the offensive things,…and the “offenders”,…WHO HAVE “BROUGHT THE OFFENSES TO OUR SELF”…..

      pluck it out implies to do so with urgency!!!!!!! the sooner,…the better!!!!! in doing this,…we can “then” see God much more clearly!!!!! and in doing so,…..”WE LIVE A LIFE OF HOLINESS”

      we are told that a “DOUBLE MINDED MAN IS UNSTABLE IN ALL HIS WAYS”………if we choose to not see through God’s/Jesus’ eye(s) then we are only “condemned” to suffer by our “blurred”,…and or, our “double vision”……..thus, holiness has eluded us……because we have eluded it…..

      HOLINESS DOES NOT COME FROM, NOR IS ATTAINED BY,…pointing out the sin in the world around us……it comes from the conviction which comes through the holy spirit,..of identifying the sin within our own attitudes and outlook. (if we as christians do not see and accept this,…the we are “deceiving our selves”)

      at this point i ask,….is what i just shared off the mark according to the teachings of jesus????? please share with me……thank you all very much,…and i hope (and pray) that you all have a great day!!!!!

      • I would like to reply however I am not sure I understand all you wrote. I will respond to this,
        “from where i stand,…i have NOT been deceived by a secular anything,…….do you understand????? i would or could be deceived only if i allow myself to be,..or,..choose to be”
        We are born into deception. We are born that way. We are not born with the spirit of God in us. We cannot recognize truth because truth does not abide in us. Until we accept Christ we are living in a world deceived. Not by choice but by default.
        Even after accepting Christ we need to grow into the life of Christ, which is in part living with and dealing with the deception we where born into. It is naive to think that you cannot be deceived even as a mature believer.
        Matthew 24:22
        “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.
        Matthew 24:24
        For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.
        Matthew 24:23-25

      • I’M SORRY RUBEN,….your quote follows,…”First I will answer your question, We as the body of Christ, and I can only speak as one of the members of this body, have been deceived by secular society to believe that holiness is un……ETC, ETC,…your response only matches your original comment at the end,….you specifically stated that “we as the body of christ”….have been deceived by secular society??? to believe that holiness is undesirable??? i think the word that you used may be “undesirable”, though not sure……so,….as i said before,…as i myself am a spirit filled believer,…..nope,….i am not, nor have i been deceived by, of all things??? a secular society,…in any way shape or form,……jus sayin…………i understand the sin nature and sinful birth etc,….i have received Jesus, and His Holy Spirit many years ago,……………as for being naive??? when do you deduct that? i said that we can be deceived,….when we choose to…..let ourselves be…..(for the most part,…as i am not reading and quoting verbatim from my original comment)……….

        also here is a bit from first john,…….I am writing to you, dear children,
        because your sins have been forgiven on account of his name.
        13 I am writing to you, fathers,
        because you know him who is from the beginning.
        I am writing to you, young men,
        because you have overcome the evil one.
        14 I write to you, dear children,
        because you know the Father.
        I write to you, fathers,
        because you know him who is from the beginning.

        I write to you, young men,
        ((( because you are strong,
        and the word of God lives in you,
        and you have overcome the evil one.)))

        is it “naive” to hear what is being said here?

        now,…..”if” these strong, word of God, SPIRIT filled young men who HAVE,…”OVERCOME”,…THE EVIL ONE,…..then choose to go against all that is precious,…by their own willful choice,….well then that is a story for another day………..but if they chose to,…that does not mean that they chose to because they were deceived by satan. correct???

        i say this because, if our christian life, is and does not truly involve LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY,…yet instead,…is “always” going to be boo hooin,…the mean old devil did this,…and the mean old devil did that? then maybe “we” are, our “self”…to blame,…and not the devil?

        if we “choose” to “not allow” the transformation inside of us, through the indwelling power of the holy spirit, which allows, enables us and gives us strength to go from childish to maturity,…then from what i read, and believe, our faith would then, for whatever reason,..(which is different than an excuse, in this case)…be, perhaps, quite weak, at best….which gives us room to grow,…but we are also told,…when i was a child, i spoke as a child,…..but,….now,….”LET US”,…”PUT AWAY”,…..OUR CHILDISH WAYS,……….and in doing so,……we then go on into maturity……..correct???

        let us??? this is god’s will for “all” of our lives
        put away??? something that we must willfully choose to do. this is mandatory for us to mature. if we DO NOT choose TO PUT AWAY???????…..then we have allowed our “self” to be deceived………meaning,…Since God clearly tells,…and has told us all,…what His will and desire is,…yet we decide to remain childish,…..would we then just be a child of disobedience??? if so,…won’t we suffer from un-yielded to God’s constant correction??? thus,…the…boo hoo boo hoo?????……in essence, our troubles, woes, and problems would be,…who’s fault???…the devil’s fault??? nope. we chose to be where we are, correct???…we then, had deceived our self,……….well,…anyway,….you get the picture i hope.

        are we told that we are “tempted” when we follow after our own “wants???” actually, when we are “drawn away” of our own fleshly lusts???

        we, as christians,…can be our own worst enemy, correct???

        are we not told to “LET NOT SIN REIGN IN OUR MORTAL BODIES???”

        when we, no matter who,…truly desire the sincere milk of the word,..our journey in faith will then have an accompanying strength,…and then,…we “go on” unto maturity……first things first,……but,…should we not ask our self,…do we need someone to teach us the milk again???

        so many (believers) in today’s world are so weak…to the point where they ask themselves if God is even real at all? they turn wherever??? simply because they have never been taught the simplest of simple things pertaining to faith. many of these people have been saved, and if so,…they are still saved,…but they do not have the first clue what being saved even means.

        they question,….and they even have questions,…but who do they turn to to seek the answers from??? many times,…some of the most hurting individuals “fake it” at best. and our christian life is not supposed to be like that.

        we are told that in the final days there will be a famine in the world,…..not a famine of food,….but,…..a famine of hearing the Word of God…… little starving babies,….they need milk,….what they do not need is more legalism,…and complaining about what the government isn’t doing,……and battles concerning is it works,…or is it faith???? etc, etc,….

        when we, true love and concern,…and in simple faith,…bring what is needed to these hungering babies,…then,….this is when the world will see our salt and light,……….and,…in turn,….they will see God. Again……He is here with us all now…but,…He is seen,….through us who believe. unless, perhaps,…we have something “better” to do????????

        give the words in the book of haggai a read…..i think you will understand that the “time” has always been here……..but,…what we do, with what we see, and “believe???” is entirely up to us……..

        and that is my two cents worth,….or maybe three,…due to the bad economy,…

        have a good one everybody!!!!


  9. It’s sad that we as a country and a people have forgotten that above all God is Holy, and that He expects His children to be so as well. So glad to know that there are still people who care about this and think it’s important.

  10. A really good post:) And you define your point well. Yes holiness demands a sacrifice for our flesh but it will energize our spirtual lives.

  11. I certainly can relate to the frustration and challenge aptly offered in this post.

    I see the things described as a step in our collective spiritual maturity as a species. If one remembers back to being an adolescent, one remembers the fumbling through the physical and emotional challenges that the step in development brings…we’re clumsy, misguided creatures in many ways at this point of our development, but much that will be needed from us as we move forward will be learned through our fumbling and shortcomings…

    I don’t, on the other hand, associate holiness with judgement. I believe that station to be reserved for God alone.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  12. recoveredcatholic

    I read a story this week about a Democratic politician who recently abandoned her political affiliation – and cited her Catholic faith as the reason. I thought it was a very admirable move on her part!

  13. I am currently spending the summer doing mission work in the inner city, and I am not from around that type of environment. I’m actually in Wisconsin and the big recall of the governor election was today. There is so much brokenness all around, and I just ache for the need of Christ and the need of holiness here! It’s hard sometimes that we can’t fix everyone else. However, we can show holiness and offer it to those who are searching! Thanks for this great post!

  14. Moral decay is rampant as is the demonization of those who try to live by high moral standards.

  15. Your post here and the comments has lifted my spirits today after a really bad week so far. Thank you all. I’ll be back – you can count on that.

  16. The cost of holiness is indeed high. Look at the price Christ paid on the cross to make us holy in God’s sight.

    Our young adults group has been studying the book of Revelation. Really it’s all about the price that will be paid at the end of history for God to secure the rule of holiness on our planet. Judgment comes to defeat sin and injustice. Blood will run as deep as the horse’s bridle. These events will be traumatic. But they are necessary for God’s ideal restoration of the reign of holiness on earth.

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  18. To preach or teach holiness these days is called legalism while allowing sin and or looking the other way is called grace. I have heard some, when confronted with sin say that they are under grace. What people tend to forget is that the blood of Jesus covers an act of sin, not a lifestyle, hence the call of the Lord to be Holy as He is Holy.
    I can remember the Lord sending me with a prophetic message to a pastor who was involved in multiple adulteries and telling him that he had released a spirit of adultery into the congregation by his actions . His reply was astounding. He said that I was right that he indeed had released a spirit of adultery into the congregation but that the “sinner” would feel more comfortable in coming to the church,
    This same pastor taught that you had to explore your sin nature to really have an appreciation for God’s grace.

    • Preaching and teaching the word of God is scary. As a minister of the word you have the privilege of receiving the full onslaught of the devil. This is a very sad story and is in direct opposition to Romans 6:1-4 “6 What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? 2 God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?”3 Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death? 4 Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.

  19. Roger, I think people want to do things their way. They don’t realize that “their” way may hurt others or lead toward a path of darkness. They then wake up on Sunday, after doing “their” way for 6 days of the week and call themselves Christians or blame God.

    • You make a valid point. Let us pray for one another that we live a lifestyle that honors the one we claim to serve.

    • hi southside,…i saw your comment here,….what i say now, i in no way mean it to be viewed in a harsh or condemning manner,…rather as a way for us all to understand how important it is for us to read the bible (eat our own daily bred) … my experience,…..i have known and still know many people who go to church,….if someone mentions god to them, they will quickly respond with “i got to church”…….many of these people “will not” openly say that they are a christian. instead they will say that they believe in god.

      this would be more correctly stated that they actually believe, “OF GOD..”

      it is hard for some to say that they are sinner. saying, i go to church is much easier and safer to say. there are many churches who’s messages have zero conviction. the true gospel is not being presented or taught in these buildings. thus,…one can go to them, and remain happily as a disguised sinner.

      as christians,…we can carry within us a living message,….we can present what we to as the spirit moves us to do. we are kinda like those food wagons that ravel to the construction sites,….meals on wheels!!!! lol…

      when the simple gospel is presented,….then the “hidden sinner” will no longer have to “worry” and i mean this literally, about being a sinner, rather, they can then, based on a solid simple freeing version of the good news that we share,…make a decision to receive jesus as their own savior,….being freed from the tattoo and dogma of sin. you see,….the good news,…WHEN LEFT UN-PRESENTED (BY ANY AND ALL OF US AS CHRISTIANS,….IS FOR THE LOST HOPELESS SINNER,….BAD NEWS

      YOU EVER HEARD THE OLD “NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS SAYING?????”,……..well,….that saying is an outright lie!!!!!!!! but,….someone came up with saying to help us live in denial,….what we DON’T KNOW,……CAN,….AND DOES,….HURT US!!!!!!!

      OKEY DOKEY! THERE YOU GO!!!!!! have a great day!!!!

  20. Here is a different way to look at cost … If you think Holy is costly, try sin! It brings pleasure for a ‘season’, but soon everyone must pay the cost!

    I think God prefers us to live obediently not victoriously. Obedience looks toward God, victory over sin stresses what we do – subtle but important difference.

    Would God give a command we could not keep? God is Holy, and God is perfect. Does it follow that holiness is the same as perfection? I don’t think so. We can never be perfect – of we should become perfect, then we would be equal to God, that is not going to happen.

    Therefore, it seems to me, we can be holy but not perfect. Holy means set apart – we can be set apart from the world around us, living obedient to God (asking forgiveness when we fail – like David did) and be holy, but not perfect. It’s okay not to be perfect, if we were perfect we could not be human, we’d be God.

    God wants us to walk holy because he wants us to be happy. Happiness and joy are byproducts of holiness. As we walk in obedience, looking Godward, we experience joy and holiness.

    Or, at least, that is the way it seems to me,

  21. Good post, Roger. Holiness is something to yearn for and strive for. Is it attainable? In part. We still sin daily, but part of holiness is falling on your knees daily to the Holy one who declares us Holy, through the blood of Jesus, and who regenerates us in His likeness throught his Holy Spirit working through the word.

    Will Holiness eliminate all those things you mentioned? In part again. It will eliminate many of them in our lives as we see that God is better than those temporary pleasures. Yet, many of those ills and sins will always be present because there will be unbeleivers and scoffers who reject God’s word and His ways. I think you were’ hinting to this in your post, but many of these societal ills would be reliminated or greatly reduced if Christians took their faith seriously and desired to live as God has called them too.

    • we christians are a funny bunch, aren’t we??? like peculiar funny,…ya know??? this comment kind of inspired a few different things. things that i have been thinking about quite a bit lately. the first of which is this. we speak our “own” language, THAT’S FOR SURE!!!! lol we say things like “the blood of jesus”,….and,…regenerates,….and,…..the word,…….and,…..well,….etc, etc, etc,……you see what i mean???

      and that is all fine and well, right??? but,…in my life,….i am learning the importance,..or maybe, necessity, is a better word,…..of speaking and explaining those things to “those who need them” while living my faith,…..does that make sense????

      so many times, it seems as if we have an exclusive club, one in which the “outsiders” would need a “decoder ring” to even have half of a chance to understand just what it is we are saying!!!!! lol,..but,…no lol…… of the things is this. it’s almost as if we use the scriptures to “talk amongst ourselves” in quoted “affirmations????”

      but,….in our faith,….we are to be the salt??? correct?

      as the salt,…we MUST LIVE the (quoted) scriptures,….as well as “speak them”,… 100% encouraging love. in doing so,…we “win souls.” as we told that,…”this is a wise thing to do.”

      as for myself,…looking back,……i believed on, in, and received jesus as a very little boy. now,….some can and will argue that??? but,….it’s a fact,….as much as an invisible thing “can be” a fact???? or,…proven……

      i didn’t know a bunch of scriptures,…i didn’t “go” to church,….i just felt this loving invisible thing with me always……..just as he said,…he’s our friend. but then????? we start to grow older,…and then,….we begin to acquire “knowledge.” this is where the caution flags should start flyin!!!!!! lol knowledge can, all too often, be a dangerous,..and deadly thing!

      i say that to say this,… faith, with simple “childlike faith”…for any and all of us to be saved, (accepted by God eternally, and 100%!)…it’s not “what we know”,….rather it’s,…”WHO WE KNOW!” jesus loves me this i know,….etc,….

      since i have “moved here” to blogland,….i have seen (heard) the constant arguing, which IS NOT THE SAME THING AS,..”DEBATING” over the “original sin.” (not to mention numerous other things, scriptures, denominations, etc,…) now, as a little bitty kid, i was told,…or actually, i was simply listening to someone about how eve ate the apple,….blah blah blah,…….that infant version of the story is not “what”,..”convinced” me how badly i needed jesus. at all. i “just knew???”,…and not in a feeling condemned way either???? does anyone else understand what i mean by,…”just knew????”

      jesus tells us that he stands at the door and knocks,…correct???? does he do this by sliding “pamphlets under the door of our hearts???” (pamphlets,…meaning, written words on paper???) nope. he did this invisibly. supernaturally, if you prefer that word better. now, don’t get me wrong here, ok??? so,..God (Jesus/Holy Spirit) spirit knocks,…and we “open up to let Him in”, correct??? saved. period. (but the word “salvation” has a little different meaning,….) so, i opened up…and He came in. AND HE IS STILL IN,…as he has never left me,…nor forsaken me,………he,…is my savior,..and my forever mediator between me and God. pretty simple, huh???

      i understand that the words in the bible all have their place and usage, ok??? as long as “their place and usage” leads people to an understanding, not of the confusing difficulty of works while continually flogging a dead horse,…but to the simplicity of simple faith,…and because of “believing” that we are adopted into God’s family………period. do you follow????

      i think it was the soldiers at golgotha who gambled for jesus’ garment??? anyway,…it was actually,…his undergarment? i think you may still see what i hope to share here. it was the closest thing to jesus’ body. it was, effect,…his “personal covering.” we as christians are also covered, personally, as well as individualy,…yet, collectively,…all at the same time. how’s that for pretty cool???!….as with the blood over the doorways in egypt that was applied by God Himself,..(though he had a “human” apply the blood.) the slaves “israelites” were totally unaware of this covering. but, even though they were unaware,..or, unKNOWing,…the plagues passed them by, correct??? or,…passed them “over???” (passover)………hhhhhmmmmm,….as i write this,….even though it is “severely redneck and juvenile” i see what i am trying to say. praise jesus for that!!!!! lol……..i stutter as i type…..i’m dead serious! i’m not writing about a fishing trip with a buddy!!! i am writing about what i believe to be God’s Word……..i do not want to hurt or mislead anyone,….in any way. my hope is to encourage other’s to see a “loving and merciful God”……and find true freedom,….with,….”no strings attached” no strings attached??? that’s funny to me! you may see why in a second. or, maybe not.

      so,…jesus’ “personal covering” was gambled away, correct? adam and eve were also given a personal covering, weren’t they??? when they had to leave the garden, right? ok,’s a quick and kinda fun tidbit,……..when they left the garden??? actually, was “right before” leaving. any way,…as God did with the unknowing israelites, he first did with adam and eve,…God Himself shed the blood of an animal,…and then “He, Himself” made “coverings” for adam and eve. correct? now, the tidbit? up until they “got the boot” so to speak,……….eve,….had no name.

      she was “woman”….just woman. odd? kinda cool? it is to me,…but, doesn’t have to be to anyone else,…..thus,…no room for argument…….tahdah!!!!! lol (not, what,…but, “WHO”, etc…)

      but,…just for fun and a little perhaps increased view or understanding of all the great details in genesis,…ask your self (or God) this question,……”why did she need a name????” ONLY,…when they had to go to,…”the OUTSIDE world???”

      your answer may be a hint that allows you to look at “other things” that you may have heard about adam and woman (eve) as well??? and yet,…at the same time,….the “core of the origin of sin” will in no way be affected by what you “may” find.

      remember what i said i heard as a little kid??? eve ate an apple, etc??? it wasn’t an apple at all, right? but,..i still believe. i’m still saved. i still have faith. one more lil tidbit follows,…

      {lol,…if the “serpent” were a “snake”,…then why did he walk on two feet??? or,..maybe four??? or maybe,…none at all??? lol….i’m not tryin to rile anyone up here!!! ok??? i told you,…these tidbits are fun! did God “not tell satan” that “on your “belly” you will go??? that pretty much tells us that he was “upright” at one time, correct??? anyway,…movin right along now…}

      i love the little tidbits!!!! i have yet to begin to “NOT be able” to find more of them in the bible. (a lil tongue twistery there, huh? lol) these tidbits are EVERWHERE!!!!! salt for the mashed potatoes and meat!!! ya know? lol…………

      ok,…to the end now,……jesus’ sacrifice on the cross has no strings attached,…we,..because of his shed blood,…are saved by God’s grace. period. as for the “no strings attached” saying???

      the (UNDER)garment, or the “covering” that the soldiers gambled for??? do you remember how it was described?????? it,…was,…seamless. “SEAMLESS!!!” (??????) made of only “ONE PIECE!!!!!!” yup,…it was made of,…one piece??? you see,….normally,….the sleeves were made separately,…and “then” sewn on…….?????…….do you see it clear as a bell???? yet?????,…….the covering of jesus did NOT have sewn on sleeves!!!!???? in other words???? LOL,..YUP, YOU ARE 100% RIGHT!!!!!


      jesus blood has every human covered. there are no hoops that we have to jump through to be saved. we are saved because of this shed blood. his sacrifice. his blood shed payment and death for our sins,…meaning,….we are no longer guilty. we are free. free from the laws of sin and death. we do not have to,…nor can we anyway,…ADD ANYTHING AT ALL to His Covering for our sins… is finished, he said……totally finished.

      simple faith. it can’t be any other way. we believe, we receive,…and through our “opening the door”,…the “indwelling” holy spirit is what allows us to walk in the spirit…….

      in loving one another in this way,…we grow grow together,…and have fun while doing so. and joy,…and peace. i can still be goofy. yet, at the same time, i can share what i think and believe with others,…and they in return, if they choose,…can do the same with me,….and,….any one and every one else……..and that is just pretty cool…………..

  22. Excellent! The cost is definitely great, but the reward is even greater! Blessings 🙂

  23. hey roger,….how are you? do i have an email address for you yet???? mine is drop me a line if you like,…….there is something that i would like to speak with you about,….thanks much

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