God has given me a real treat. My mother has been the linchpin in my life concerning its direction. My mother would encourage and even force me when I would make choices and then change, she would aid in seeing it through. My mother never fussed or foamed at the mouth, when I would bring dates I know she was not particularly fond of. Many, in fact, all at the time did not know Jesus. My mother would simply pray and do small things that later on in life I found out why. My mother has been in my life every step of the way. Her prayers and encouraging words after our hour-long conversations on the phone would be “Son, I always feel lifted after talking to you.” I love my mother and I know Jesus loves her too.

It is my desire to make a tribute to our mothers so I shall reblog the first five comments concerning how your mother has impacted you. Please respond with at least five sentences. Do not worry if your mother has passed she still has impacted you. If your mother was not what you expected a mother should be, you still may reflect on how God used you in spite of.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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