Nothing I believe is more moving then tears in the springtime. Your life is smoothly sailing along and you can feel the spring breeze across your face and the green grass under your toes, the birds are singing your song in a wonderful chorus with the dragonflies. You notice families as they bike ride and children playing tag in the streets. The sun is out and all appears well and the season you find yourself in is good. Most love the springtime as it represents new birth and the dawning of a new season of life and richness. You take away the spring and all that is left is death and famine, but there can still be tears in the springtime.

You find out that your friend has a horrible cancer. Your mother has lost her toes due to diabetes and your Aunt is in a coma. All these things happen in the springtime. The sun is shining the plants are growing and everything else is well, but pain from sudden tragic events begin to eat the joy out of your life and though your living in the springtime, you’re experiencing tears. Tears generated by the pain and agony of loss and frustration. There is only one solution when you have tears in the springtime and that is to wait.

Somebody said, there are only four seasons, but I say there are at least 16. Four seasons within each season of summer, fall, winter and spring. You may be old and chronologically speaking in the winter of your life, the door of death is nearer then when you were fifthteen, but may enjoy the sweetness of grandchildren that makes the winter season a time of spring. You may be in the fall of life when things begin to dry up and you begin to notice the early nightfall, but you also graduate this fall from your university and enter the springtime. The season of life you find yourself will constantly change within the season. Enjoy the springtime, but consider there may be tears. Don’t dread the wintertime we all need rest and you may have springtime within the winter. All things happen to all and there is a season to every purpose.


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