What can I say? A new year has dawned. A new opportunity for some has begun. A new number to write upon our school papers and checks. A new reflection point. Some say this is the year that will end all years. The day for the end of the world by the Mayan calendar. Some say this year is a year of prosperity and God’s blessing on tithing members of the church. Some say all is the same and nothing ever changes. This has some truth as new sins are yet to be developed. The same sins committed from the dawning of earth are being committed today. We may have technology to offer what looks to be differing sins, but it is nothing new. 2012 another year to grow complacent of the Lord’s return. 2012 another year for sexual immorality to grow, divorce to increase, and the family system to fail to perform its job in raising its children. Sin waxes worse and worse.

           2012 will not be filled with more death and destruction alone, there will be times of refreshing. Times of growth and maturity. Times where the Spirit of God will fill an individual with his power. 2012 will be a challenge for Christians to stand and possibly gain ground in our failing school systems. Failing because teachers are limited and not free to teach using their particular gifts given to them by God to teach. 2012 will create new stars and many will benefit from the new age technology that is being developed.



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