Moon Light

When I think about the duty of the moon to reflect the sun, it only lends itself to an excellent example of the Christian’s duty to reflect the Son. We do not own the light nor can we produce the light. The light is reflected from the Son (Jesus) within. We may share in the light when after we have an established relationship with the Holy Spirit.

What a blessed moonlight it is. What a courageous moonlight it is. The dangers of comets and space trash all around the moonlight does not stop its reflection. The rumors of whether man has landed on the moon does not inform the moon that its light should cease to reflect. The moon is uneffected by whether you believe it exist. Conversations cease not to tell of the wonders of the moon. People love to ski in the moonlight. Some families gather behind the telescope to get a closer look at the moon. The fascination of its existence lingers from year to year.

What dreams are cast before the moonlight? Tell me the story of your shining light.


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