gifs_03I love to write and yet I am not good at it. I love the word of God and yet I do not always follow his commands without fail. The frailty of my humanity makes me wonder why exist? The world is full of sin. The world is full of death and dying. The wealthy spend vast amounts of money on sex and drugs. The middle class or poor seek wealth and wealth has not provided the wealthy any comfort. The wealthy sparkle like diamonds and behind closed doors weep with insecurity and misery because the riches failed to provide the euphoria promised. Poverty lacks the luster and neither provides the euphoria to those who believe having no responsibility is the answer. Senseless war and misery all around provide the fodder for multiple suicides weekly. This misery and woe is enough to make me scream.

I have recently been asked what is my theological position concerning the salvation of mankind, the answer for all this misery and woe. Jesus Christ has provided the solution for mankind. Death! The Lord Jesus Christ walked the earth to die upon the cross for human salvation. The shedding of his blood provides the atonement necessary for sinful creatures to enter heaven. Death will happen to all. Are you afraid of death and dying? If you do not know Jesus Christ, the only sinless one, then you should be. If you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe he died for your sins and repent, you shall be saved. Jesus is the scapegoat for sinners. He makes the misery and woe all worth it. In this life saved or sinner both experience pain and suffering. Both experience success and failure. Only the saved is promised life everlasting and fullness of joy for evermore.


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