You may notice this black Friday the signs around that say clean your hands. They provide wipes at Walmart for the carts. If you enter the hospital they have wipes and foam dispensers all around urging you to clean your hands. The importance of clean hands is so that the diseases that touch your hands, shielded by your skin, may not be used to infect you and others when placed upon other objects that enter the mouth and eyes. Clean your hands, is the message for today as you bump and rub against strangers in the mall and in various stores. Do it now and do it often. There is however another set of hands that need cleansing and it is your life.

Your life is like a vapor of smoke. Imagine squeezing the trigger of a water bottle and counting the seconds that you see the mist in front of you. Speedily the mist is no longer there. It is gone, however not so gone that its non-existent only changed. The brevity of life should make someone really consider the work of ones hands. Who stands after life ceases? Is it the wealthy individual or the one who seeks to be poor as a sign of humility? Is it the one who offers their time and money for the weak who ascends to the hill of the Lord? It is one who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to an idol or swear by what is false (Psalm 24:4). The individual who has the Lord as his shield and the grace and mercy of God as their defense will stand when all is over. This individual lives his/her life in such a way that is dictated by the Holy word of God. So while you clean your hands with anti-bacterial soap do not forgot your life also needs cleansing by the blood of Jesus Christ and his guidance you should always seek.


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