Just Ask

becoming.prayer1200x800 You do not have, because you do not ask. James 4:2

The most powerful tool God has given man is his ability to ask for things. When I was young, I would cry to my father and mother for things I desired. If the need occurred I would simply cry. If not heard the first go around I would cry some more until food or the pacifier would come my way. My dog has this high pitch bark when she desires to come inside. I am unaware of her need until she asks and with her persistent high pitch bark I am driven to her aid. God too desires for his children to ask.

When God made mankind he made male and female with the ability to communicate their desires to him. He provided his image and conversational abilities to his creature called man. He gave commands through communication and gave man opportunities to even rebuttal. God wants you to ask.

Our confidence to ask God comes from our obedience and even when we do not obey and ask for forgiveness God is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins, but we must ask.

If you have a need, not lust or greed, but need, then ask the Father to give you want you need. God gave Samson his strength back when he asked.  He is every merciful and patient and kind. Ask the Father for wisdom toward decisions for life. Ask the Father in humility the things you cannot do for yourself. Ask. The proud will press forward and not ask. The ignorant will ask for things God has revealed in scripture that he would not answer. Ask the Father for things you need for others. Ask the Father for things you need for success in ministry. Ask the Father for wisdom on the job. Ask the Father for wisdom in your marriage and with your children. You have not because you do not ask. Like a baby, you may need to ask more than once, how serious are you about your answer? Paul went before the Lord three times and the third time the Lord spoke. Ask and again I say ask. Ask and it shall be given.


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