Missing You!

Young couple loving gestureRemember how it was when at first glance you experienced a tingle; the freshness of a budding relationship. Anything asked was met with yes and amen. The whole experience warranted the message of this new relationship to be shouted from the rooftops. The constant mention of the name would wear on friends and even strangers alike with an annoyed look or a whisking of the hand. I am in love with love and the intoxication of this new thing causes my whole being to quiver. What am I to do? Does this sound like you’re experience? If you have never experienced this please comment below so I can write another blog on how. For those who know what I am talking about this is for you. The intoxication, the overexposure of endorphins causing your cognition to fail, as you struggle to replace the experience with just one more visit, missing you means missing this euphoric feeling and I want it back. The spectacular thing about missing you is that because it is mental, I have the choice to get it all back again. Yes! I can and yes I will.


3 responses to “Missing You!

  1. This is so true, and not just with romantic love. There is a rush when you meet someone you connect with on a platonic level too. True, it isn’t as strong, but God has given us so many opportunities to connect it’s amazing.

    Eric Hotchkiss

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