Mission Assignment


List two Old Testament and two New Testament passages (verses, narratives) related to world evangelization.

1. Gen 12:1-3
2. Psalm 33:10-12
3. Matthew 28:16-20
4. Luke 24:46-48

Why did you choose them?

I chose the above verses because they all point to God being the originator of missions. In particular, Missio Dei or “mission of God” the central idea that God is the one who initiates and sustains mission (Moreau, Corwin, and McGee 2004). In Gen 12:1-3, God calls Abram, from among his family, to enter another land with a promise that all peoples on earth may receive a blessing. In Psalm 33:10-12, The Lord authors frustration to all nations that they may worship and serve him. In Matthew 28-16-20 Jesus gives the disciples the place and the message. In Luke 24:46-48, Jesus tells the disciples to proclaim his name to all nations that through him repentance and forgiveness may be possessed. In the passages selected we find God author’s missions and sustain missions using his created beings.

How do they show a basis for world missions?

They show world missions by the inclusion of the word “all.” There are no nations left outside Gods purview. His call to Abram in Gen 12:1-3 was a promise of blessing to all nations and until all nations receive blessings, God will continue to call people from their family like Abram and relocate them to be a blessing both physically and spiritually. Psalm 33:10-12 reveals the heart of God for all generations and any nation who’s God is the Lord will be blessed. Matthew 28:16-20 plainly says “go and make disciples of all nations” and Luke 24:46-48 “and that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem.” God is the created of all and through him revealed in Jesus we have a duty to be blessing to all nations proclaiming his truth.

Moreau, A. S., Corwin G. R., and McGee G. B. 2004. Introducing World Missions. Michigan:
Baker Academic.


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