Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.36.13 PMLord, help me, may I be all you have called me to be. Let my action and my will reflect your way. Let me soak in the grace and let it strengthen me for the task ahead. The task will be hard, for man born of women is few days old and full of trouble, but you Lord make my paths straight for I trust you. It’s been a long while.

Refreshing to pray again and again and to have brethren with like mind and heart to fellowship and share the wonderful things God is doing among us. It’s been a long while.

Oh Lord my God wonderful savior and friend. Father and restorer of all that I may hide within. I reveal to you what you have already seen and make known to others the wisdom of my King.

7 responses to “IT’S BEEN A LONG WHILE

  1. Beverly harless

    Live your whole life in constant prayer-in everything you do. This brings peace and a closeness with God that can’t be described and steadily strengthens the desire to spend time with God which grows your faith.

  2. god bless you my brother

  3. Love your posts! Love following you on Twitter!

  4. I’m new, and not sure how to reblog… but this definately spoke to me. how beautiful

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