knightSuffering has been the launch pad of our existence from the beginning. Ever wonder how Eve was tempted in the Garden of Eden? The only conclusion is that within her mind she was not satisfied. She believed there was more to be had. Is it any wonder that today women account for eighty percent of divorce filing? There is more to be had than submitting to the duty of marriage. The malls filled with stores dedicated mainly to women and yet for all this they are still depressed and stressed. Man has always fallen for the beauty of the women and submits to her as Adam in the Garden of Eden and now sin is birthed, but this is not the beginning of pain for Eve as previously mentioned. What do we do in the midst of our suffering? Suffer.

God’s answer for our suffering is to suffer. No one likes the answer. The answer is terrifying and the knowledge may add suffering, however this is God’s solution. Jesus Christ suffered on the cross. Nations are born through suffering. Slavery in America ends through suffering. The Israelites broke free from Egypt’s bondage by suffering under the direction of Moses.

Arm yourself with the thought that suffering is in the cards for Christians, but unlike the suffering of those who reject Jesus our suffering will end. Suffering produces the obedience required for the maximum power of God to be displayed in our life. Suffering is the bridge that allows the poor to safely walk over as they know that money may answer all things, but does not deliver from death.

Suffer rightly and not as a busy body or someone who gossips or commits sexual sin and suffers its nasty consequence. Suffer as an obedient child of God fashioning yourself unto Christ likeness.

I may suffer as a child of God, but with the suffering I receive power. Do not think the suffering done for Christ is a vain act for it is not. The devil will lie to you as he did Eve in the Garden of Eden. This suffering is a sweet aroma and God is well pleased and rewards those who endure unto the end.


4 responses to “IT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS

  1. With suffering comes humility. It reminds us how great God’s goodness is.It brings greater appreciation for times we do not suffer. Suffering is a reminder of what we actually deserve. We should be thankful even during suffering that our gracious God has prepared a place for us where there will be no more suffering that last for eternity. Our suffering and light affliction is but a vapor.

  2. Jesus told us that in this life we would have tribulations and suffering. WE should not be surprised by it even though it can be hard to endure. However, with the cross before us…we have hope in Christ our Redeemer. Thank you for your thoughts on this.

    • Amen. The influx of prosperity messages and receiving blessings from tithing and being good seem to be at the forefront of much ministry. There needs to be a balance, because leading a life where the excess of sin is ceased will cause suffering.

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