Thoughts On: Internet Dating for Christian males and females

It is my understanding based upon the Bible that man and female from the beginning were both created in the image of God and received blessings from God. From the beginning man was created first and then God brought Eve to Adam after placing him asleep. This  happened ONLY once. Never again does God create man and give him a woman like in the beginning. Now from the beginning the two become one flesh and have offspring. The man is the primary seeker of the hand of the woman through customary gifts to her parents. A tradition still held with some, but nonetheless a tradition. “Whoso findeth a wife, findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.” Prov. 18:22. The order is ideal, but not law. For in the book of Ruth she makes herself available to Boaz by lying at his feet in the middle of the night. A gesture that shows the man she is available for marriage. A movement on the part of the woman, but here the woman must stop and let the man take over. Do not force it. Failure will be certain even if you manage to marry him there will be unnecessary trouble. Esther presented herself before the king by having her body cleaned, perfumed, manicured, and clothed properly. She dressed for the occasion. We fast forward to the 21st century and we enjoy the pleasure called the internet.

A proverbial tank filled with all kinds of fish, some great, some good, and some evil. Women who choose to wait on the Lord by sitting in the house and attending the normal church service, choir and prayer meeting, and work or not waiting on the Lord for a mate. They are just waiting. Men are waiting on women to join Christian dating sites. Faith without works is dead being alone. You must work by filling out your information and allowing yourself to be known. Focus on a paid service to eliminate those who are not serious and become available otherwise, tell individuals you’re not waiting on the Lord, but sometimes like the idea of marriage but enjoy being single better.

5 responses to “Thoughts On: Internet Dating for Christian males and females

  1. I agree. Some Christians go too far to the left in their definition of “waiting on the Lord.” It does not mean we have to go about our normal routine praying that the Lord will miraculously interrupt our lives with His will. Putting yourself in a wider arena of availability does not mean you have to marry the first guy/gal that messages you. Continue to wait on the Lord throughout the entire process.

  2. Yes, I agree with Adam, you have to put yourself out there however I’ve noticed many times we feel like we are “waiting” on the Lord but usually he is the one waiting on us.

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  4. Ruth followed Naomi’s guidance knowing that they have a tradition of kinsman redeemer. That Boaz could marry Ruth to carry on Naomi’s husband’s name. Nowadays, a woman can show herself available but unfortunately the tradition doesn’t stand anymore. Now love (or lust/ physical attraction) plays the most important part. Then people married and then fell in love because they got to know and cherish the person they chose or that was chosen for them (see Isac and Rebecca). Now people ‘fall in love’ as fast as they fall out of love. Waiting on the Lord for the right partner might take a lifetime, but at least you are not operating out of your fleshly desires. Anyway in my opinion only God can fill that hole in your heart.

    • A quote that comes to mind is “If you want me to fall for you, you have to give me something worth tripping over” – unknown. Ruth laid before Boaz as a sign of her desire to be with him. If she had not made herself available she would have died alone. Of course, the catalyst was her mother in-laws instructions (matchmaker) that gave her the success she desired. I often wonder if Christian single women used the same strategy of waiting on God to get jobs and attend college how many of them would be employed and have college degrees?

      Thank you for your comment. God can fill a hole in your heart, but God created man and woman for the purpose of mating. Now there are those completely satisfied being single. They have the gift of singleness and God gives that. The test for singleness is whether or not you desire to be married. Having a desired to be married and fulfilling this desire is no different then fufilling other God given desires, it requires action. Faith without works is dead. So pray for God’s desire to be performed and move in faith using the tools available for finding a mate. God’s only requirement is that we be not unequally yoked together with an unbeliever.

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