New Year’s Resolution Profitable or Not? Tell me…

We measure life through our triumphs and not necessarily the trials we had to endure. We may measure life by financial increase and those small successes through job raises and bonuses. We may measure our worth by our amount of fans, which appear to adore us and desire nothing more than to be us. We measure life by the many things we own; whether it is the house, car, jewelry, electronic devices, or clothing.  We measure life by relationships we have created and endured. We measure life by our physique and style. We measure life by things that exist temporarily and things that will soon fade away. What is the resolution for the New Year that we should make? Some believe that New Year’s resolutions are manmade and useless for Christians? What do you believe?


12 responses to “New Year’s Resolution Profitable or Not? Tell me…

  1. I believe the most meaningful resolutions have a shelf-life of 24 hours. If man has proven anything, he has proven that he sucks at keeping resolutions long term. We suck also at forecasting. Which is why, I presume, Jesus suggested to us to take no thought for tomorro, but instead, focus on the concerns of today.

    I mean, I dont mean to rain on anyone’s longterm resolution parade. I simply have not seen many of them work out in practice.



    • Thanks for commenting. I believe the key to increasing the shelf-life is to meditate both day and night upon the word of God and hopefully the vision in which you are seeking to perform has been ordained and is acceptable to God in the first place.

  2. An interesting idea… I think that as Christians we are supposed to endeavour to improve ourselves (with the help of God) .. and our resolutions (if we make them) should reflect this. Resolutions to be less lazy, about looking after our bodies etc etc are all well and good and biblical – but only God honouring if done in the right spirit. A resolution to spend more prayerful time with God is surely worthwhile.

    However, if resolutions are only going to cause us to puff up our own pride, and are not for the Glory of God, then they are causing us to sin.

    Sorry this is a bit rambling, but I just typed as I thought!

  3. Roger Tharpe Sr.

    New year’s resolutions are tantamount to saying that I can keep them in my own (Fleshly) strength. Jesus says “that you can do nothing without Him”; Therefore, we should stick to what the Bible states: “If the Lord wills we should do this or that”. The quotes are not exact, but I hope that you get the picture.

  4. A new year resolution can be a powerful tool in the hand of the Spirit of God while the fact still remains that much of what is done is man-made instead of God-made.
    Let me explain: We are often moved by mile stones that are set in our lives. This can and is often used by God for our good while God is left wanting much more. A eye opening revelation of our failed promises this year, our lukewarm passion that paralyzes our life, and our our unending knack of never demonstrating the love of God to the world He wants to save is wonderful to examine so to not make the same mistake for another year. A mature believer does not wait a year to examine this as his heart is tuned continuously to God. He is always wanting a moment deeper than the last and will not settle for nothing less than more of God. Maturity may happen for a lukewarm believer initially with a wake-up call at the start of a new year and then move to monthly wake-up calls of his hardened heart. From monthly wake-up calls he will than mature to seeing his life in its entirety daily as he begins to refocus he life and emotions. Again the believer will continue to mature into moments of daily encounters in which he will begin to understand where the direction of his hearts leads him. This will produce moments of breathtaking encounters and will engage the heart to search for His presence continuously which ultimately leads to a believer that walks continuously in the presence and intimacy of God for a lifetime. This mature believer repents at any waking moment to continue in intimacy with God and will go to any length at the sound of His voice. At this point the believer no longer walks in death (The letter to the Romans, chapter 8) but walks and is lead by the Spirit which gives him peace with God. He has learned to abide (The Gospel of John, chapter 15) and continuously abides in the love of God. The believer now can not be moved but what he sees but is lead by faith and utter dependence on God. His life is used continuously as a blessing and example to the multitudes around him. Rivers of living water flow from within him as Jesus stated and the multitudes will drink and be satisfied.

    Again yearly resolutions can be used by God. God had given me a message for the church here in Italy that this year would be the best year that the church has thus seen. This is not because God has changed His approach to the church but rather that the church is changing its approach to God. God is not limited to years or any other time constraints but rather the believer’s time changes as their love for God and obedience to His heart changes.

    No matter where you are, my brothers in Christ, use every milestone that you can find and make things right at the soonest possible moment. God wants to write the greatest love story ever told with your life and mine. We have a whole year ahead of us and we don’t want to be at the same place next year with ice-cold hearts and a world that again has failed to see Christ in you and I.

    As I close here I pray that you become drenched in the love of Christ and that your hearts are aflamed afresh and anew. That today you will go from encounter to encounter until you never want to leave His presence again. God knows our work schedules and family responsibilities and has an answer for every need in such a way that you can stay continuously in His presence.

    Dio ti benedica grandemente,
    Marco Tant

  5. I believe one should resolve to use every ounce of potential GOD gave you! On what I can’t tell you. That’s between you and GOD. Push till your eyes bleed! Then ask what’s next! You get three score and ten don’t waste it!

  6. His mercy is new EVERY morning!

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