Using Christian Glasses on – Clash of the Titans

CLASH OF THE TITANSChristian Parallels

In listing the similarities keep in mind the difference of many gods as opposed to one God in Christianity is significant.

If you have some to add please comment. I would like to add to the list. Here are some I recognized.

  1. Zeus love for his creation. Christianity – Jesus love for his creation.
  2. Zeus involvement with his creation. Christianity – Jesus involvement through the Holy Spirit with his creation.
  3. Zeus gives his creation a sword. Christianity – Jesus gives his creation the Bible (sword).
    This needs a little explaining. Zeus gave his son a supernatural weapon that he needed to acquire victory. Perseus failed while using the weapons of the world, but when he used the supernatural weapon given; he began to receive the victory. Christianity – for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places and the weapons of our warfare is not carnal/worldly (Eph. 6). Christians must pray for all, fast, and read the Bible to be fully equipped to deal with the supernatural trouble we face. Our fight is not with our neighbor that may annoy, it is the spirit behind the trouble, but blindness covers the eyes of saints who are not praying, fasting, and reading the word. If we choose not to use the sword given which tells us to pray and fast we will lose every time.
  4. Zeus gives his creation money. Christianity – God says he gives us power to get wealth (Deut 8:18)
  5. Hades accuses the creation before Zeus. Christianity – Satan accuses us before God.
  6. Hades is able to destroy the people who disobey Zeus. Christianity – Satan has access to destroy disobedient children of God.

Margies addition:

1. Perseus had a guardian help him, a sort of “angel”. The Bible speaks in Psalms about God giving His angels charge over us in times of need.

2. Heaven and earth similarities.


3 responses to “Using Christian Glasses on – Clash of the Titans

  1. I liked that Perseus had a guardian help him, a sort of “angel”. The Bible speaks in Psalms about God giving His angels charge over us in times of need.

    I also liked the heavens and earth similaries. The gods resided in heaven, man on earth, hades in….hell.

    • The guardian angel was a similarity that I missed. This is true.

      The similarity of heaven and earth is also another I missed. The Bible speaks of gold and pearls in heaven as we have those on earth.

      A little betwixt on the location of God and Satan; the Bible records God the Father being in heaven, but he is also omnipresent. Satan will have his day in hell, but in fact he is able to go to heaven to accuse us Christians as found in the book of Job and other places, also he is here on earth making our lives hell, if we through the Holy Spirit in Jesus name do not keep him powerless. He is not omnipresent though. He must travel. Thank you for your response!

    • What other movies do you find have similarities like these?

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