Would Jesus have an emergency fund?

Well-Done-header-1200x799Jesus had one purpose on earth to shed his blood, for without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. If there is no remission there is no salvation, and if there is no salvation than being on earth would be most miserable for all. It is my opinion that Jesus did not have an emergency fund. I also believe that as humans we are to imitate Christ but also understand that we are human and can never be Jesus. While the disciples were with Jesus they did not need to fast they didn’t need to store in barns because the bridegroom was with them. Hence, Peter receiving the coin from the fishes mouth. Notice the change after the death and resurrection of Jesus. The disciples then began to fast and individuals shared all the wealth so that all had sufficiency. Where are the five loaves and two fish miracles? Don’t misunderstand me, Jesus still performs miracles today and uses his people to perform them, however the new covenant is that each individual who believes in Jesus Christ receives the Spirit of God and through obedience of the Spirit receives his revelation and knowledge to lead a life that keeps the saved individual from becoming busybodies. So wisdom for us today is save for the bridegroom is coming, but not yet here.


5 responses to “Would Jesus have an emergency fund?

  1. I believe that a Born-again Christian should have “total” dependance on Almighty GOD!!!!! GOD says work or don’t eat; GOD says He’ll promote; GOD says He’ll meet all of your needs;

    My point: Read and live the Bible as a Christian!!! If Christians did that, saving for a rainy day is not necessary. A bank account full of money is probably coming close to idolotry or already is.

    The problem is that most Christians don’t have the Bible kind of “FAITH”!

  2. Jesus said something.If He comes back will He find “faith”.The generation we belong to;it is sad that faith is no where to be found anymore.But for those that are called of God He has given them power to become His son’s

  3. Emergency funds are useless in times of great calamity. One accident can wipe out your years of saving and suffering.

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  5. All that we can truly save up for ourselves is what we can take to heaven, and well, that’s not money. It’s the things that we do on earth, how we treat others, how faithful we have been to God, how we fought our battles, alone or with the help of God, how we treated the stranger on the corner, did we treat them as if they could be Jesus standing there and so on that is all we can store up and take with us. So I guess the old saying “You can’t take it with you.” forever rings true.

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