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Manifesting Jesus!


roger federer

Your heart must not be troubled. Do you know the truth? That Jesus came in the flesh, the Son of God, to die for mankinds sin that if you confess and believe you shall be saved.

Then repent from sin and keep his commandments. Keeping the commandments of God releases the manifestation of Christ. Healing and deliverance become your reality.

Secular music no longer becomes your choice of enslavement. The commands of God are not greivous. Worship songs of praise to King Jesus become your delight.

Peace follows you. Love follows you. Your conversation is holy. POWER follows you.

The Holy Spirit brings to your remembrance the Word of God within the pages of Scripture and people notice something different about you.

Those who are filled with the devil will hate you. They will attack you. Rejoice! Knowing Jesus also suffered persecution. You’re just manifesting Jesus.

Evil people will be angered to look upon you. There will be fire in your eyes…

Ariana Grande Performs ‘Break Free’ On ‘SNL,’ Confirms Cat Ears Are A Thing Now

ariana grandeAriana Grande performed “Break Free” on “Saturday Night Live” last night while inexplicably wearing cat ears. It’s not October yet. This was not an early Halloween performance or even a cat-themed performance. Although, it is a thing she has done before and presumably will continue to do without explanation beyond implied homage to her Nickelodeon character. Either way, it seems that Ariana Grande wearing cat ears is just another thing we have to accept, much like Ariana Grande wearing her hair in a high ponytail and the impermanent nature of human existence. – original source

Satan is grooming the next queen of idolatry and Satanism through animal character potrayal. This thing has been around for centuries and has resurfaced with many pop and secular music artists. Satan loves for us to alter our appearance as this mocks what God has made beautiful.

As should be apparent, Jesus is not in this and those who participate in this worship of Satan will be demonized. Only ignorant and blind people think God exists and Satan does not.

There are two kingdoms. The kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. Where are you?

Jesus And Virgin Mary Barbie Doll

Barbie Virgin Jesus Christ Thoughts? Good idea? Bad idea?


agent of Satan, promoter of Jesus, Savior of the World

If you are an active participant on twitter or facebook you may have notice that it is filled with fake accounts, sales people, Satan’s messengers, and the messengers of God.

How does one tell the difference between an imposter or agent of Satan?

Any twitter/facebook account that shows a woman with cleavage quoting scriptures is not of God. God commands his children to dress modestly.

Any twitter/facebook account that shows secular quotes, spiritual quotes, and scriptural quotes is not of God. God has declared he does not respond to double minded people.

Any twitter/facebook account that shows men or women wearing derogatory clothes, half naked, and cursing is not of God. God commands his children to be holy as he is holy. God commands his children to speak words easy to understand and that filthy communication out of the mouth comes from a filthy heart.

What should you do about the imposters and agents of Satan? 

Ignore them. They see your tweets already. No need to engage them. You will either be tempted to sin or be deceived. Your mission is to flood the internet with the love and wisdom of Jesus Christ. 

What annoys the devil and his agents? 

Consistent tweets about the works of Jesus in the life of a believer. How Jesus takes someone who was destined to death and changes their life in such a way they become destined to prosper.

Praise to Jesus!

Admonishment against people wearing ungodly clothing. Admonishment of wearing tattoos. Admonishment of having sex outside of marriage.

Prayer in Jesus name.

Fasting in Jesus name.

Promoting a lifestyle of holiness.

Let’s get to work and pull some out of the fire as we wait for the return of Jesus!



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When you understand the Holy Spirit more you will understand his power. You may have stopped by this blog today, because you are a subscriber and this is good. You may have fallen here by mistake, if that’s even possible, … Continue reading


What does it mean to abide in Christ? It means no longer living the way an individual has lived without Christ. Previous to the life of Christ a person lives with no regard for the creator’s desire. The creator has allowed this individual to live on earth and even fed this person but the individual lives within the parameters of his/her carnality. This person is not living under any rule but the rule of self-fulfillment. Whatever the person desires, sex outside of marriage, drinking an excess, cheating, lying and stealing, nothing is too far outside this person’s ability or completion, but Christ has shown us another way.

To abide in his love is to keep his commandments (John 15:10). In order for one to keep the commandments of God, one must know them. The commandment is to love one another (John 15:12). A person is most like God when they love God and love people also. We demonstrate this love through our commitment to abstain from having sex outside of marriage, drinking an excess, cheating, lying and stealing. We demonstrate our love to God by not forsaking the gathering together of the brethren and by spending time in prayer.

We abide in Christ through the spiritual formation of fasting and isolation. All these things encased in the love of God are abiding in Christ. It is a continuing process that requires daily attention. Our desire is with regard to our creator. Our power in prayer becomes effective because unlike a life previous to Christ, we begin to learn how to pray. Our heart prays the things God desires.

Intertwined with the life of Christ represented in our love for the brethren. We love so much because God loved us so much and the things we commit to doing are always out of this heart of love for our neighbor. If a person hates his brother the Bible says how can the love of God be in this person (1 John 3:15). Abiding in Christ is rolled up in loving God in reading the word, prayer, and fasting inwardly and outwardly through love seen and felt by people around the one abiding in Christ.