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I simply put off the flesh by immersing myself in the things of God. I minimize my exposure to the dangers of the computer, ungodly programs on television, phone applications, magazines, video games, and certain friendships and stores. I know that my outside temptations are one dimension and dealing with internal temptations is another. So the first thing I do in the morning is shut myself in the room with my computer and listen to Christian worship music. I listen until I am only thinking about God and the things he has done for me. I listen until all is quiet in my mind and I am able to focus on my word. Then I begin reading scripture. I keep reading until I literally start praying and then after prayer I meditate on the things read and prayed.

I seek to change things that are revealed to me in prayer and scripture reading. It may be gossip has entered my conversation.  I am literally speaking too much and the inevitable gossip arises, because I do not have that much to say and sometimes I talk a lot. So I ask the Lord to forgive me and identify this pattern in my life and God convicts me in my conversation if I am going down the path of gossip. Gossip is now put off and now I seek to put off more things. I do this, with all that is revealed, because I love God, I humble myself to his authority and simply stop. It works wonders because more and more people trust me with their words as they will not hear them from someone else. I have put off a conversation that is ungodly and now have put on a conversation which is that of God’s gospel. I move in this manner from one issue to the next in hopes that while I preach unto others I myself will not be a castaway (1 Corinthians 9:27).



It is so important for Christians to realize that Christianity must be defined by love. Not love of ones skin, family, or origin. Jesus said, he came to bring a sword to the family. Why? Because some family members would not fall inline with the love that Jesus required.

The love Jesus required was first and foremost to love him with everything you have. To lay down your life for him. Why? Because he laid down his life for you.

The second requirement is to love your neighbor as yourself. That would mean everyone. God has deemed that he would be the judge that would execute the final judgment and pour out his hate on those who refuse to submit to the authority of Jesus.

We are called to hate sin. We are called to keep the church clean, so that those who enter may be able to be cleansed and not infected by the infestation of sinners within. We are called to judge those within the church and leave the judgment of those outside the church to God.

We are called to love all. Any group in opposition to this type of love is in opposition to Jesus. No matter how many stickers, crosses, plaques, and bulletins with Jesus Saves on them. He is not saving that church or its members.

Do not be misled by Satan. He has designed these organizations to mislead you into believing that Jesus equals that picture above. The clout that Jesus possesses must come with haters and deceivers. Satan is the Father of lies and he does not care what you rally behind as long as it does not involve love.

If you harbor hate for God’s created beings. You will find yourself under the subject of God’s hate. Understand this. There is no mercy in hell.

Submit to God and resist the devil and he will flee from you.








When you look at this story it seems to be a no brainer.  The devil will always tempt you with something you already can have, but in a way that defiles the man or woman. Psychologist tell us that sexual addictions are the most difficult to break. Why? The Bible says that when a man and woman outside the bonds of marriage have intercourse they are joined. No other sin joins us together.  So refrain from joining with anyone that has not joined you in marriage. Otherwise why cheapen yourself and lose strength for nothing.

*The defilement of mankind with sexual sin is on the rise as you may or may not notice in the news, the solution, if we go back to the conversation we find the solution is found in the meditation. DO NOT MEDIATATE ON UNHOLY THINGS. Our flesh is weak and we will fall all the time if we do.

Black Consciousness

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There is a movement growing among the black community called the black consciousness. The movement as it appears to me has some value, concerning the enrichment of black youths on history so-called hidden.

I take no issue with learning as much as one can about slavery and such. Afterall 12 years of slave, The Help, and other such titles need authenication. Many in the Christian community understand the misintepretation of the so-called Bible movies.

The problem of black consciousness is the attachment of Jesus to the movement as an author of sin. Not having the intellegent quotient to parse confession with possession they mistakenly equate Jesus as the shackle used by the white man to keep the brother down.

If you read my blog you will notice that there are many today calling themselves Christians and so-called teaching from the Bible and yet they are living in direct contradiction to what it teaches. Are these men and women Christians? Absolutely not.

When racist white men used the Bible to keep blacks in servitude does this make them Christian? According to the Bible a man with hate is equal to a murderer and God says his Spirit is not in such a one.

Do not let the devil attach a good movement of learning history with Jesus. This is anti-christ and your future is no different then anyone else on the planet who does not house God’s Spirit.

The devil will use any means necessary to destroy you. I understand the race issue and the desire/need for equality, but do not throw out Jesus in place of a pseudo black power.

There is only one power that you should fear. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.


A man just confessed to me that he is in love with someone who has turned his world upside down. This woman that he saw from a distance would soon become his wife. He knew from the moment his eye lids lifted that the vision before him was so stunning and so magnificent his lips began to quiver. I am telling you this woman reminded him of Eve in the garden, Samson’s Delilah, Abraham’s old attractive wife, and Jacob’s Rachel. If you recall Jacob within the pages of scripture he loved Rachel at first sight. This woman was equipped with all the bells and whistles of a 7 series BMW. She was in all practical terms the perfect woman. This man mutters some words only a gifted linguist can recognize and she still says yes to whatever he just said. Exchanging the proverbial number and parting ways this man overjoyed by the encounter goes to the mall to update his clothing.

Who would have guessed that the mall he chose and the time in which to go, this Rachel like woman would also be there too. It just so happens, they both were looking to update their clothing. He confronts her again and they chat a little and then they part again, only this time a date is confirmed at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Delighted to make reservations and to plan a wonderful evening of getting to know his better half, nothing could be so perfect, so grand and spectacular.

So the dinner date is arranged and this man and his perfect woman are out on a date. Shortly into the date this man finds out this woman does not believe in God. He knows that the Bible says that a man or woman should not be unequally yoked, but he reminds himself that she is perfect the way she is. A little disturbed by this because he is Christian, he decides to continue the relationship, because what would Jesus do? Get her saved. Right?

They have been dating for six months now and he is ready to marry her. She is not saved and his attempts to present Christ were met with let’s agree to disagree. This man finds himself at the decision point when purchasing the ring, but he keeps recalling those light brown eyes and those perfect bells and whistles.

So he plunges in and they get married and the honeymoon could not be better. They stayed at their beautiful home, because the wedding was so expensive there was no money left over for a trip to Europe or the Bahamas.

The fire of passion fades and the flames are dialed down and this man gets more zealous about his relationship with Jesus. His wife is not pleased with his time at church, as she does not attend, due to the fact she does not believe in God. Then something happens…

Please comment – should they have gotten married? If no or yes please answer why?

Miracle Position