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agent of Satan, promoter of Jesus, Savior of the World

If you are an active participant on twitter or facebook you may have notice that it is filled with fake accounts, sales people, Satan’s messengers, and the messengers of God.

How does one tell the difference between an imposter or agent of Satan?

Any twitter/facebook account that shows a woman with cleavage quoting scriptures is not of God. God commands his children to dress modestly.

Any twitter/facebook account that shows secular quotes, spiritual quotes, and scriptural quotes is not of God. God has declared he does not respond to double minded people.

Any twitter/facebook account that shows men or women wearing derogatory clothes, half naked, and cursing is not of God. God commands his children to be holy as he is holy. God commands his children to speak words easy to understand and that filthy communication out of the mouth comes from a filthy heart.

What should you do about the imposters and agents of Satan? 

Ignore them. They see your tweets already. No need to engage them. You will either be tempted to sin or be deceived. Your mission is to flood the internet with the love and wisdom of Jesus Christ. 

What annoys the devil and his agents? 

Consistent tweets about the works of Jesus in the life of a believer. How Jesus takes someone who was destined to death and changes their life in such a way they become destined to prosper.

Praise to Jesus!

Admonishment against people wearing ungodly clothing. Admonishment of wearing tattoos. Admonishment of having sex outside of marriage.

Prayer in Jesus name.

Fasting in Jesus name.

Promoting a lifestyle of holiness.

Let’s get to work and pull some out of the fire as we wait for the return of Jesus!



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What does it mean to abide in Christ? It means no longer living the way an individual has lived without Christ. Previous to the life of Christ a person lives with no regard for the creator’s desire. The creator has allowed this individual to live on earth and even fed this person but the individual lives within the parameters of his/her carnality. This person is not living under any rule but the rule of self-fulfillment. Whatever the person desires, sex outside of marriage, drinking an excess, cheating, lying and stealing, nothing is too far outside this person’s ability or completion, but Christ has shown us another way.

To abide in his love is to keep his commandments (John 15:10). In order for one to keep the commandments of God, one must know them. The commandment is to love one another (John 15:12). A person is most like God when they love God and love people also. We demonstrate this love through our commitment to abstain from having sex outside of marriage, drinking an excess, cheating, lying and stealing. We demonstrate our love to God by not forsaking the gathering together of the brethren and by spending time in prayer.

We abide in Christ through the spiritual formation of fasting and isolation. All these things encased in the love of God are abiding in Christ. It is a continuing process that requires daily attention. Our desire is with regard to our creator. Our power in prayer becomes effective because unlike a life previous to Christ, we begin to learn how to pray. Our heart prays the things God desires.

Intertwined with the life of Christ represented in our love for the brethren. We love so much because God loved us so much and the things we commit to doing are always out of this heart of love for our neighbor. If a person hates his brother the Bible says how can the love of God be in this person (1 John 3:15). Abiding in Christ is rolled up in loving God in reading the word, prayer, and fasting inwardly and outwardly through love seen and felt by people around the one abiding in Christ.

Don’t Lose Your Way

Don't Lose

You have heard a thousand times that life is a journey. You have heard that life is a marathon. You have heard also that life is short. You have heard that life is like a vapor of smoke. All of these metaphors about life that appear to contradict one another. So what is life really like?

Life is often measured by ones pleasure. In times of distress and agony, we find life to be a marathon. When we have a four-day weekend from work, life is short. Our feelings predict the climate and season of our life. But in the midst of the shifts we must never lose focus on Jesus.

We must maintain that life is about Christ. His way or the highway. His thoughts or thoughts of foolishness. Everything that happens in life is connected to him. If you find yourself measuring the things that happen in this world through a different lense, then the one you received from Jesus, you have lost your way.

Come back to Jesus.

The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. The world is too blind to see the endless destruction ahead. Don’t lose your way.

Jesus is the answer.

Do not be ignorant of the devices of the devil. The so-called intellectuals and people who supposedly know more than most cannot save themselves from death. For death is the end of all men. It is here when wisdom prevails and the world’s wisdom fails.

Jesus is the answer.

If the eye is full of darkness how great is that darkness? Look to Jesus in the morning and in the evening. Meditate upon his wisdom and call upon his name. As you set the alarm clock, set your affections on Jesus. When you wake up. Set your affections on Jesus.

Jesus is the answer.

A mindless drone does not look well into a matter, but immediately moves on past knowledge and feelings. Don’t be afraid to learn something new.

Jesus is the answer.

Satan is behind strategic genocide through homosexuality, suicide, and abortion. He comes to kill and destroy. He comes to accelerate the process of death before one finds out that Jesus is the answer.

Make no mistake about the way. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Cooter Worship

wonder woman

There comes a time in the lives of most boys when the woman takes center stage. As a young boy, I recall the beauty of Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) and her ability to get men to tell the truth. She had all types of men swooning over her. I can remember her fame being like the fame of Jesus. They had books, posters, mugs, t-shirts, and toys. I can remember wondering what was the difference between Jesus and Wonder Woman? They both came with books, posters, mugs, t-shirts, and toys.

Wonder woman also made me feel a certain way that Jesus did not. There was a battle brewing and I could not understand why. Who was I going to choose to worship? Wonder Woman or Jesus? Is it possible to worship both?

I find today that more and more men are choosing to worship the cooter instead of Christ. They place upon the pedestal more and more women to worship. David in the Bible put the cooter above God and suffered his legacy. Solomon’s heart was turned away from God because of it. Cooter is one powerful agent used by Satan to remove the man of God from his position and potentially keep him on the road to hell.

How many times do you struggle with the scantily clad females on social media? You leave your house and enter the mall and find flesh paraded around, like meat at the deli market.

If you’re having premarital sex, then you are worshipping the cooter. It does not matter, if the both of you read scriptures and go to church. You are not following God, so it becomes obvious that you are not worshipping him. You are worshipping the cooter. There is nothing wrong with worshipping the cooter, if you are comfortable going to hell. God will not share his worship with anyone. Remember, the cooter may feel, smell, and put you in a state of ecstasy, but it will not deliver you from death.

Do not be deceived. If a woman is more important to you than God… be prepared to face the maker and explain to him why he did not receive the worship due his name.

Obedience to God is worshipping God. Obedience to your fleshly desires and submission to the cooter is worshipping the cooter.

Who are you going to worship? The cooter or God?


I simply put off the flesh by immersing myself in the things of God. I minimize my exposure to the dangers of the computer, ungodly programs on television, phone applications, magazines, video games, and certain friendships and stores. I know that my outside temptations are one dimension and dealing with internal temptations is another. So the first thing I do in the morning is shut myself in the room with my computer and listen to Christian worship music. I listen until I am only thinking about God and the things he has done for me. I listen until all is quiet in my mind and I am able to focus on my word. Then I begin reading scripture. I keep reading until I literally start praying and then after prayer I meditate on the things read and prayed.

I seek to change things that are revealed to me in prayer and scripture reading. It may be gossip has entered my conversation.  I am literally speaking too much and the inevitable gossip arises, because I do not have that much to say and sometimes I talk a lot. So I ask the Lord to forgive me and identify this pattern in my life and God convicts me in my conversation if I am going down the path of gossip. Gossip is now put off and now I seek to put off more things. I do this, with all that is revealed, because I love God, I humble myself to his authority and simply stop. It works wonders because more and more people trust me with their words as they will not hear them from someone else. I have put off a conversation that is ungodly and now have put on a conversation which is that of God’s gospel. I move in this manner from one issue to the next in hopes that while I preach unto others I myself will not be a castaway (1 Corinthians 9:27).