Manifesting Jesus!


roger federer

Your heart must not be troubled. Do you know the truth? That Jesus came in the flesh, the Son of God, to die for mankinds sin that if you confess and believe you shall be saved.

Then repent from sin and keep his commandments. Keeping the commandments of God releases the manifestation of Christ. Healing and deliverance become your reality.

Secular music no longer becomes your choice of enslavement. The commands of God are not greivous. Worship songs of praise to King Jesus become your delight.

Peace follows you. Love follows you. Your conversation is holy. POWER follows you.

The Holy Spirit brings to your remembrance the Word of God within the pages of Scripture and people notice something different about you.

Those who are filled with the devil will hate you. They will attack you. Rejoice! Knowing Jesus also suffered persecution. You’re just manifesting Jesus.

Evil people will be angered to look upon you. There will be fire in your eyes…

Ariana Grande Performs ‘Break Free’ On ‘SNL,’ Confirms Cat Ears Are A Thing Now

ariana grande

Ariana Grande performed “Break Free” on “Saturday Night Live” last night while inexplicably wearing cat ears. It’s not October yet. This was not an early Halloween performance or even a cat-themed performance. Although, it is a thing she has done before and presumably will continue to do without explanation beyond implied homage to her Nickelodeon character. Either way, it seems that Ariana Grande wearing cat ears is just another thing we have to accept, much like Ariana Grande wearing her hair in a high ponytail and the impermanent nature of human existence. – original source

Satan is grooming the next queen of idolatry and Satanism through animal character potrayal. This thing has been around for centuries and has resurfaced with many pop and secular music artists. Satan loves for us to alter our appearance as this mocks what God has made beautiful.

As should be apparent, Jesus is not in this and those who participate in this worship of Satan will be demonized. Only ignorant and blind people think God exists and Satan does not.

There are two kingdoms. The kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. Where are you?

Lauren Harrington-Cooper, Former Pa. Teacher, Sentenced For Sex Abuse Of 4 Students

Lauren Harrington-Cooper

A former teacher at a Pennsylvania high school was sentenced Friday after pleading guilty to having sex with students.

Lauren Harrington-Cooper taught English at Wyoming Valley West High School in Plymouth, Pennsylvania.

She was initially charged with institutional sex assault of two students, ages 18 and 17, but ultimately pleaded guilty to charges of felony sexual contact. She also pleaded guilty to two felony counts of corruption of a minor for “sexually explicit conversations” and inappropriate sexual contact with two other boys, 17 and 16.

She was sentenced to nine to 23 months in prison, according to Citizen’s Voice. In addition to prison time, she was ordered to register as a sex offender and is prohibited from working with with children. She resigned from her position at the school in January, and her teacher’s license was suspended in August.

Harrington-Cooper was investigated late last year after parents of the 18-year-old found inappropriate text messages on their son’s phone. When questioned by police, the victim said he’d begun a relationship with the 31-year-old teacher after she texted the teen’s sister and said that the teenaged boy was “hot.” He said he’d had intercourse with her twice, and that the teacher had performed oral sex on him three times. – original source

If you struggled with something to pray about, please pray for your child’s protection and the teacher’s salvation. These stories seem to only grow in number.

Praying does work.

It puts the activity of the enemy on hold. Pray that God would send his angels to put protection on your children and keep them from evil.

Keep praying daily.

These activities happen more than what is reported and the creepy old man is not the only one you should be wise about.



There are circumstances that cause one to shiver in fear. It may be the loss of a job or the application of a job you thought was yours and then turned down. You begin the process of fear and think where have I gone wrong? Do not fear Christian. The Lord is still upon the throne and is not a man that he should lie. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will arise and save you. I am reminded of the historical experience of Job. Job a man tested by God.  Job was stripped of everything. Laid naked scraping himself with boils upon his flesh and in the midst of this Job did not curse God. He communicated his disgust with this treatment for living right and still having to endure this and God checked him and after the test he multiplied him. Fear not. God is only testing you. To see what you will do in the midst of a trial. If you’re qualified and still experience defeat as a believer in Jesus Christ do not fear for God Almighty is with you and his eyes see everything.

Keep Your Eye On Jesus

eye on jesus

The reason one is not immediately transferred to heaven after God fills a person with his Holy Spirit is because that person has a mission to be a witness of the grace, mercy and goodness of God.

In order to be an effective witness one must have their eyes continually on Jesus Christ. Our affection and our desire must be to see the kingdom of heaven displayed on earth. We must never give in to the darkness we see and must work diligently to finance things that produce righteousness and help those who are abused by fraud from those who have power and wealth.

Take what God has blessed you with and provide ways to assist the kingdom of light. It may be volunteering your time to help feed the poor through service. It may be to assist at the jailhouse with ministries that offer practical advice for living and working at meaningful jobs.

“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.” – Proverbs 19:17

Keeping your eye on Jesus means loving him with your whole heart and loving the people he has created in his image as yourself.

“Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.” – Deuteronomy 4:9

The onslaught of foolishness, our flesh and sin around make it so important for us to keep our eye on Jesus. Our mind filled with his Word and our body controlled by his will, so that you may enjoy that peace that passes understanding.



Las Vegas schools consider teaching 5-year-olds about masturbation

weepingLAS VEGAS  – School districts across America continue to push the sex education boundaries, seeking to teach controversial subjects to students at younger and younger ages.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports the Clark County School District – the 5th largest district in America – is seeking parental input on an idea to “expose students to a lot more a lot earlier.”

Considered changes include education of homosexuality as early as ages 5 through 8, and giving everyone “respect regardless of who they are attracted to.”

School children of that age range would also be taught that “touching and rubbing one’s genitals to feel good is called masturbation.”

School officials began airing the curriculum at “closed-door” meetings of parents that were invitation only.

That didn’t sit well with the ones that weren’t invited and they showed up at the school board meeting to eviscerate the idea.

“You want to teach my 5-year-old how to masturbate?” said parent Julie Butler, according to the paper.

“We certainly should not be teaching five-year-olds that masturbation and pleasuring one’s body is good and that a 12-year-old should know about the very details of anal and oral sex,” another parent said, reports KTNV. – see more.

When one wonders how Pompeii, the earth in Noah’s Day, Ninevah, Jericho, and Sodom and Gomorrah got their start it was like this. Layer by layer more filth gets accepted and people turn blind eyes to it.

They may say things like I cannot believe this and still support television shows that push this message. Still support sending their kids to these schools and dressing their daughters like prostitutes and their sons effeminately.

Money speaks. Use the resources that Jesus has given you to further the kingdom of light. Stop using your resources to further the kingdom of darkness.

Do you know the covenant Satan makes with those he empowers for wealth? Don’t give your money to those who may be empowered to help others.

But Jesus turning unto them said, Daughters of Jerusalem,weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children. – Luke 23:28